Lars Larson: More PSU riots, appeasements, billing taxpayers

 Lars Larson
NW and national radio host,

Portland State University, owned and funded by the people of Oregon, has some strange ideas about condemning the recent violence on campus.

PSU decided to grant rewards to the groups behind the violence and destruction.

A month ago, pro-Hamas activists took over the PSU Library and held it for days before being driven away, eventually by police.

They did a million dollars damage.

Then last Thursday night, the terrorist supporters came back, chained themselves to the doors.

PSU’s campus Chief of Police suffered a heart attack as officers responded…and the Hamasniks deliberately delayed medical response to the scene.

PSU’s President Ann Cudd chooses appeasement in an apparent effort to preserve her 600-thousand dollar a year gig as President.

She wants no criminal charges brought.

She sent out a letter decrying civilian deaths in the Gaza war on Hamas…while ignoring the slaughter that started the war last October.

She even promises PSU will bring a “palestinian scholar”, whatever that is, to campus this fall to further promote all that “from the river to the sea” nonsense.

Oregon taxpayers will pay the bill.