Brown’s set-free criminal indicted for 3 killings

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Jesse Lee Calhoun has been charged with the second-degree murders of Charity Lynn Perry (24), Bridget LeAnne Webster and  JoAnna Speaks (32).  He is accused of killing these women in a 3 month period between March and April 2023.  A short three month killing spree.

Many years ago Jesse Calhoun, received a LIGHT SENTENCE for assault and kidnapping a woman.

Calhoun was later REARRESTED for attacking a police officer and auto theft and was again given both a LIGHT SENTENCE – and then an EARLY RELEASE by then Governor Brown.   Brown gave Calhoun an early release for helping with the prisoner wildfire program.

He’s now been REARRESTED a third time and is allegedly tied to the deaths of four women — an indictment for three of these women victims occurred this month.

Calhoun has become the face of Oregon’s early release failures and then-Governor Brown early release of over 1,000 criminals during her tenure.

The alleged details behind the killings are still unreleased.

The Taxpayers Association of Oregon has been active in reporting on Brown’s tragic soft-on-crime campaign.


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