2 photos of U.S. Gaza political fails

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Two interesting photos that were made public in one day, help explain some of the problems in the debate over Gaza.

• U.S. Congresswoman Rashida Talib spoke at the People’s Conference for Palestine where the conference logo shows a map of Israel as an all-Green (Palestine) state.  This conference, with sponsors tied to terrorists, is signaling an Israel map that is free of Jewish people.

• President Biden’s doomed-from-the-start project of building a $320 million pier to Gaza has lasted only a matter of days before it was washed away in a storm.   Even when the pier was barely functional, Hamas soldiers stole the aid directly from the pier and blocked it from reaching the Gazan people.   Hamas stealing aid was rampant before the war and is now even worse during the conflict.   At the same time, Congress approved funds for precision guided bombs for Israel but Biden (despite signing the funding bill) went around Congress and blocked the precision guided bombs from being delivered.   By blocking such precision guided missiles, Biden is making it harder for Israel to target the soldiers stealing aid and to target the soldiers who are still holding American hostages.  Without targeted technology, the number of civilians killed in the conflict will increase.

— The hundreds of millions of dollars spent on the pier and spent on weapons are paid by our taxpayer dollars and we taxpayers have a right to know how it is spent spent and how it is being used.