Sen. Boquist: Water crisis, economic forecast, more

By Oregon State Senator Brian Boquist
Highlights, excerpts from Sen. Boquist newsletter

— Capital Chronicle: Latest Oregon economic forecast shows steady growth.

— The government’s take on the water crisis in Oregon is an interesting one with a reliance on data collection. The government plays an oversized role in determining who gets water, but if Oregon is to maintain an oversized bureaucracy for its measly population, remember come November that some of the higher-ranking government officials up for election will be on key boards in Oregon. The state needs diverse voices to ensure Oregonians’ needs are being met – not just the fish.

— So sad. A woman with dementia was somehow able to wander away from the care facility where she lived and she died, meaning she was not being adequately looked after; and those facilities are not cheap. Her family is suing the state and facility in a wrongful death lawsuit.

— OPB: Oregon Air National Guard base set to receive new jets and a massive overhaul.

— KGW: Oregon defendants without defense attorney must be released from jail, U.S. appeals court says.

— Oregon Catalyst reports on the House GOP launching an advertisement calling to “make Oregon safe again.”

— PODCAST: ‘Happily Never After’ podcast exposes stranger-than-fiction crimes of Oregon romance novelist who killed her husband.

— PODCAST: Oregon brewers played an outsized role in popularizing the IPA.

— Excerpts from last week’s newsletter.

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