Rioters hit cops, block ambulance, then demand $7000

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

A few weeks ago Portland State Rioters chained themselves to property, trespassed, vandalized, hit two officers, and even hit an officer while he was injured from an apparent heart attack.  It was reported that rioters even blocked an ambulance coming to the aid of the officer (photo officer above).

Now these rioters are asking for $7,000 in compensation for mistreatment they suffered from the incident when participating in a riot that was injuring others.  The $7000 is for “bruising and scrapes consistent with being pushed down”.

KATU-TV 2 reports, “PPB officers were on campus to assist the Campus Public Safety Office with protesters who were chaining themselves to doors, and as they made arrests, “the crowd became extraordinarily hostile and surrounded the officers. As PSU officers tried to transport arrested persons away. The crowd blocked the garage exit. One officer was spit in the face, and at least 2 others were punched.”Day went on to add, “Equally concerning, officers notified the group that a medical emergency was underway. But they refused to move, and officers had to forcibly push their way out to ensure that medical care could be brought in.”

If the rioters are awarded $7000, it would follow the pattern of appeasement for which the Taxpayers Association of Oregon has once created a cartoon for that”


The Taxpayers Association of Oregon also totaled the cost of the PSU riots.


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