Lars Larson: Portland Teachers Union’s propaganda

By Lars Larson
NW and national radio host,

American parents see good reasons to pull their children from public schools.

Evil acts by the labor union representing Portland teachers gave them more reasons over the last two weeks (see link).

The Portland Association of Teachers claims its members have a right, guaranteed in the contract, to propagandize your kids about Hamas terrorism supporting Palestinians.

The union guidebook is called “Know Your Rights! Teaching & Instructing for Palestine within Portland Public Schools”

When the public found out last week about the union website featuring lesson plans for kids as young as kindergarten…the PAT appeared to back down.

But yesterday, Oregonlive found out the union had only moved this propaganda to a less visible website.

And what does it tell kids in public schools to do?

Pray to Allah for Palestine.

This is in a school district openly hostile to any Christian religious expression.

Directions to tiny tots to write to Joe Biden and cut off funding to Israel.

It informs your kids that the land of Israel was “stolen.”

Apparently, the teachers’ union supports this tripe…and its members provide its funding…and millions in political donations.

Would you keep your kids in that environment?