Rose Parade called “Genocide”, 8 arrested

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

KPTV reports that 8 people were arrested for disrupting the annual Portland Grand Floral Festival Parade.

Immediately afterwards, local anarchist groups called for their release and deemed the Portland Rose Floral Festival Parade a “Genocide Parade”.

As the Portland Police Release details, the protesters harassed police and parade watchers for over an hour before arrest:

“Officers were made aware of a protest of a few dozen people on the sidewalk on Northeast Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard near Northeast Pacific Avenue, and there was information that the group may be motivated to block the parade. PPB Event Liaison Officers approached members of the group, offered to be a point of contact with PPB and parade organizers, and let them know that they were welcome to be there and engage in free speech. However, they were warned not to disrupt the parade. The group members agreed.However, shortly thereafter, some of the group began to encroach beyond the honor line into the street, potentially blocking some of the marching bands and large floats. Bike Squad officers responded and made a line, asking the group to back up behind the line. They initially complied, but then began to get verbally hostile. After about an hour, a relief squad was called in. The relief squad was an ad-hoc group of officers and other PPB members who had to be pulled off of barricades and other duties to assist with the protest. One person, later identified as Rio C. Moncrief, splashed a beverage on a PPB Sergeant and two Officers.About 11:15a.m., a handful of protesters pushed through the officers on the line and laid down on the parade route. PPB Officers and Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office deputies moved in and arrested eight people. During the arrests, the woman who earlier splashed the PPB members then threw a can containing liquid at them. No PPB members were injured…officers made an additional arrest of the woman who threw the beverage on the police sergeant and officers.”

If Police were to be supported by the District Attorney and City Hall, they most likely would be empowered to intervene faster at the first few infractions and stop the disruptions earlier.

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