5 big progressive defeats in June

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon



Crushed in Europe elections:  Last weekend during the European Parliament elections progressive parties saw major set-backs in France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy, Netherlands and Spain.  Because of Europe’s multi-factional political system, the parties that gained were a mix of conservative, populist and moderate.  Driving the surprising boost was definitely a populist-themed revolt against open border policies, troubled economies, inflation and high energy prices caused by very punishing environmental regulations and forced shutdowns of traditional coal and nuclear power.  The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board called it a warning sign to the Green agenda.


• New York backtracks on traffic tax: New York Governor Kathy Hochul cancelled her plan to enact ambitious congestion tolls in the City of New York after widespread public backlash.


California backtracking on minimum wage spike: California’s roll-out of $20 mandatory minimum wage for fast food chains has been so destructive that lawmakers are moving to halt the rule.  One restaurant chain named after California closed nearly 50 stores.


Bad Biden poll #1:  Progressive-trusted pollster Nate Silver just put out a scathing analysis for the fall of President Joe Biden’s approval rating.


• Bad Biden poll #2: Another recent poll shows Joe Biden failing miserably behind candidate Donald Trump:


These political progressive defeats come on the heels of Oregon’s recent progressive setbacks.


Shall we refresh your memory of what happened in Oregon?



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