“Mother Teresa” clad thief hits church 3x

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon Foundation,

A burglar broke into St. Michael the Archangel Church in downtown Portland three times in one week and stole sacred items, which parishioners want returned.t. The church is offering a $1,000 reward for return of its sacred tabernacle and a holy item inside it. Father Ignacio Llorente said video shows a man camping on the church steps broke in through the bell tower and stole keys for the office, then returned twice the next day, stealing a bicycle, a speaker, and the gold-painted wooden tabernacle containing the blessed sacrament, or Holy Eucharist. Police arrested a suspect but later released him.

The church offered a public call to identify the man and to call police.  He was wearing a jacket with the image of Mother Teresa on it when he stole the items.

The church also asked the community to “pray for him”.