Where is Kotek hiding?

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Where in the world has Governor Tina Kotek been hiding?

Last year, Kotek was gone extensively for long periods of time to tour all 36 counties of Oregon on a listening tour.  When she announced she was finished, there was nothing to report and very little press along the way.  Now, Kotek is going back to visit around the State — this time to visit every Tribe.

This year started with Gov. Kotek proudly pledging that she was only going to submit one single bill during the entire 2024 Special Legislative Session.  When Session ended, Kotek let the passed bills (nearly 100) pile up on her desk.  No real concern, since Kotek approved nearly 99% of the bills anyways.

Since then, Kotek has been mostly out-of-the-news.

Yet, see what history-making events have been brewing in Oregon just in the past four months:

• In March, Portland downtown rated nation’s #1 worst for business vacancies.

• In April, Oregon sees record-breaking rise in anti-Semitic attacks.

• In May, another county voted to leave Oregon for Greater Idaho.

• In May, Oregon rated among nation’s worst birth rates, declining children population.

• In June, Employment Dept. hearings expose scandal of delayed benefits dragging on for years.

• In June, Oregon manufacturing nears historic lows.

• In June, Oregon’s largest nurse strike begins.

• In June, it is announced that a record number of people have had their electricity shut-off.

• In June, the media criticizes Multnomah County for bypassing the Legislature’s Measure 110 rollback ahead of key September deadline.

• In June, it was announced that Oregon had $2.9 billion in accounting errors.


While these disasters were unfolding, here are some select highlights from Governor Tina Kotek’s press releases between the same period (March-June):

• Kotek announces Dolly Parton library event
• Kotek announces her visit to Coquille Tribe
• Kotek announces her digital diversity plan
• Kotek announces her visits to Grand Rhonde Tribe
• Kotek announces Clean Tech task force
• Kotek announces her visit to Umatilla Tribe
• Kotek announces her visit to Siletz Tribe

Reasons like these is why we wrote the article “What if Governor Kotek was replaced by a 5th Grader? Would anyone notice?“.   A 5th grader can issue such press releases.

It is true that Kotek announced some spending allotment projects (education, port, tech).  Yet, you cannot solve the massive issues of the past four months of the drug crisis, billion dollar errors, children disappearing, empty office buildings and counties voting to leave Oregon with symbolic cash dumps of taxpayer dollars.

These are serious problems that need full-time attention.


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