She did it again! – Kotek sits on 91 bills undecided

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The Oregon Legislature ended 3 weeks ago, and when they did, they got their business done 3 days early before their deadline.

Since then Kotek has only handled 22 bills and still has 91 bills outstanding according to Katu.

This is similar to when Kotek had 300 bills piled up on her desk, and then asked the public their opinion on what to do with them.

Read our article: Kotek waits until 300 bills pass House, Senate to seek public input .  This is what we said at the time.

Governor Kotek is slow to many things.

• Kotek was slow to announce the DMV data hack.

• Kotek was slow to make public her knowledge of the fraudulent connection between the Secretary of State and her unlawful business dealings that led to the SOS resignation.

• Kotek was slow to insert herself into the Republican walk-out protest.

• Kotek was slow to return her controversial donations from FTX.

Oregonians deserve better.

(Maybe, just maybe, there is some problems going on in the Governor’s Executive Office right now.  Just guessing.)

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