Oregon’s 7 most admired

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon
& Foundation,

We know there is a lot of negativity and bad news in Oregon …

… so we aimed to try focus on the positive.

We asked Taxpayers Association of Oregon supporters which elected officials are doing a great job.

There were 422 responses highlighting 40 elected officials, and we highlighted the top seven and their score based upon being in the top seven.

U.S. Congressman Cliff Bentz came in at #1 with a 28% share.   Congressman Bentz is known for being very involved in protecting the rights of farmers and ranchers in rural Oregon at a time when Oregon farmland is shrinking and many federal regulations are harming agriculture.  Respondents feel that Congressman Cliff Bentz is a helpful, effective and responsive defining voice for rural Oregon.   Respondents noted his support for Oregon veterans.

In fact, within minutes of this article posting, someone commented on Facebook, Cliff Bentz had been really helpful to me when dealing with the DOE. Had a problem with them for years, he solved it in a couple months. Very responsive… Always dead on in the issues that matter to me.

U.S. Congresswoman Lori Chavez-DeRemer came in at #2 with a 23% share.  Chavez-DeRemer was noted by respondents for her advocacy against the problems with tolling Interstate-5 and Interstate-205 as projects were leaving citizens without a proper chance to be heard or a public vote.

Oregon State Senator Dennis Linchicum came in at #3 with a 17% share.   Respondents noted Linthicum work to help protect the rights of parents and the rights of charter schools, at a time when public school enrollment is declining and vulnerable parents are being denied choices to choose better options.

Oregon State Senator Brian Boquist came in at #4 with a 10% share.   Respondents noted Boquist’s support for both veterans and current military service members.

Oregon State Senator Tim Knopp came in at #5 with a 9% share.  Respondents noted Knopp’s work to kill the carbon tax which would have increased gas tax prices by as much as 72-cents and for Knopp’s work to protect the people’s Kicker Income Tax Refund which has successfully been working as intended since Knoppp helped enshrine the law into the Constitution a few decades ago.

Oregon State Representative Kevin Mannix was the only State Representative to break into the top 7 with a #6 rank and a 7% share.  Respondents appreciated Representative’s Mannix work on behalf of crime victims.

Oregon State Senator David Brock Smith came in at #7 with a 6%.  Respondents appreciated State Senator David Brock Smith’s work to roll back Measure 100 failed drug experiment and his advocacy for sane timber policies.

Oregon is going through a difficult period and it is important to highlight those who are effective and making a connection with the public.

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