They’re stealing ambulances now … (5x)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Oregon is becoming a news leader in nearly annual examples of people stealing local ambulances.

Here are five examples:

• This week, an Ontario, Oregon  patient fleeing a hospital  stole an ambulance and drove it into Idaho before being caught.


• In 2022, a man outside Salem stole a Woodburn ambulance and crashed it into a police car and a building.  The thief fled the ambulance and tried to steal another vehicle before being apprehended by police.


• In 2020, in Linn County someone stole an ambulance and later set it on fire.



• In 2019, in Portland man was being helped by paramedics when he decided to run away and take off with the ambulance of the very medics who were trying to save his life.  He hit three cars on a police chase and was stopped on the grounds of a local high school in the middle of the school day.


• In 2018, a Roseburg woman stole an ambulance and crashed it into police vehicles before she was detained by police.



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