Debate: Trump’s 2 Oregon connections

Donald Trump had two Oregon connections in the Presidential debate
By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

During the Presidential debate yesterday, there were two connections to Oregon that stood out:

#1.  Donald Trump mentioned Portland Oregon when he talked about the riots in Portland and other cities when he said,“When they ripped down Portland. When they ripped down many other cities. You go to Minnesota, Minneapolis, what they’ve done there. With the fires all over the city. If I didn’t bring in the national guard that city would have been destroyed.”


The Taxpayers Association of Oregon remembers when Trump tried to help stop the riots in Portland and Governor Kate Brown condemned him for helping


#2. Also, former President Donald Trump mentioned that illegal migrants were being put in “hotels” while veterans were sleeping on the streets.

This is true in Oregon.

Oregon has indeed spent $29 million of tax dollars for a welcome hotel just for illegal migrants.  Dozens of these migrants were sent from an out-of-state California non-profit that passed on their migrants — which is verification that Oregon’s activities are less about taking care of migrants already here and more about attracting new migrants to take take advantage of our strained services.

One migrant already using the hotel services told KGW-TV that the reason she came to Oregon was for the free services, “They told me that it was better here [Oregon], that there are jobs — that they provide help here.” 

Speaking of migrant hotels, one in New York made national news for all the new scooters parked outside with no license plates.   Authorities said these long line of unlicensed scooters are signs of couriers that are transporting drugs human trafficking.


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