Street Propaganda #3: Rioting is love?

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

This Oregonians-for-Palestine sign posted on a Portland street pole tries to put a soft, loving image to rioting as they try to recruit people.  The QR codes on the sign point to a local What’s App link.

Anarchist are also selling “All you need is love” stickers with the two flag symbol (Anarchism as black flag, communism as red flag).

Nothing says love like communism (which killed 90 million people last century) and anarchy.


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If you see “Street Propaganda” or local political vandalism please email us to document it at:

— The Taxpayers Association is launching a series called “Street Propaganda” to highlight when Oregon political activists mass produce flyers or stickers in an attempt to litter a City in hopes of swaying (or intimidating) public opinion.