Candidate Poll shows most liked/disliked between parties

A new Pew Poll shows some interesting levels of support for the preseidential candidates. Hillary Clinton has the strongest favorable among Democrats AND the strongest negatives among Republicans. Thompson takes the most positive among Republicans and Romney being the most disliked among Democrats

Favorable/Very Favorable
Hillary Clinton — 88% (38%)
Barack Obama — 83% (30%)
John Edwards’ — 83% (23%)
John McCain — 50% (8%)
Rudy Giuliani — 47% (8%)
Fred Thompson — 42% (11%)
Mitt Romney — 34% (2%)

Favorable/Very Favorable
Fred Thompson — 90% (31%)
Rudy Giuliani — 84% (21%)
Mitt Romney — 76% (17%)
John McCain — 72% (14%)
Barack Obama — 39% (6%)
John Edwards’ — 33% (5%)
Hillary Clinton — 19% (4%)

Mitt Romney — 66%
Fred Thompson — 58%
Rudy Giuliani — 53%
John McCain — 50%
Barack Obama — 17%
John Edwards’ — 17%
Hillary Clinton — 12%

Hillary Clinton — 81%
John Edwards’ — 67%
Barack Obama — 61%
John McCain — 28%
Mitt Romney — 24%
Rudy Giuliani — 16%
Fred Thompson — 10%

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  • devietro

    There are three things I see here.

    1. Everyone hates McCain, thats not surprising but good to note
    2.Putting Non-Canidates (Read Fred Thompson) in the poll messes it all up and invalidates the results
    3. Measuring opposite party favorableness does not tell us ANYTHING.

    That being said I still enjoyed that poll.


    I like Fred Thompson only, the rest can crawl back to wherever they were spawned from.

  • Anonymous

    Fred Thompson is NOT a “non candidate.” Just because he hasn’t taken the step of filing an “official” declaration of candidacy doesn’t mean he ain’t running. Hell, Hillary was a candidate starting in January 2001 (some would say starting before she went to Wellesley).

    Further, as no one is asked to rank a candidate above or below any other candidate, having (or not having cough Ron Paul cough) a certain candidate on this list has NO BEARING on the outcome for anyone else.

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