Lars Larson on Ed Asner and OR Film & Video Board

So, this is Ted Kulongoski’s idea of a great appointment to the Oregon Film & Video Board?

You know what the Film & Video Board is all about? Trying to get more film and video business for Oregon. After all the movie business spends a lot of money and Oregon’s a beautiful place, why wouldn’t they want to come here? Oh, I forgot, high minimum wage, bad government regulation, incompetent local government. No, no, they are probably not going to want to come here.

But, Governor Kulongoski has the Film and Video Board designed to increase participation. And, who does he put on it now? Ed Asner. Remember him from Mary Tyler Moore and Lou Grant? The only problem is he’s a hardcore socialist, a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, supporter of the Sandinistas, and, also, a guy who has backed up a cop killer by the name of Mumia Abu-Jamal.

And a man who believes in the conspiracy theories, that is, he believes that the government helped plan and knew about 9/11 before it happened. Now he’s on the Oregon government Film and Video Board. Bravo, Governor Ted!

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  • Anonymous

    Kulongoski needs to go. Perhaps the next shuttle to nowhere

  • devietro

    Mr. Asners political view are GREAT reasons not to vote for him for governor, however the film board might actually be a good spot for him. I dont see how is 9/11 views would play in.

  • dartagnan

    “After all the movie business spends a lot of money and Oregon’s a beautiful place, why wouldn’t they want to come here? Oh, I forgot, high minimum wage, bad government regulation, incompetent local government.”

    Uh, Lars, what planet are you living on? Not very many people in the movie business make minimum wage.

    • eddie

      You obviously haven’t done much work in the movie industry. You’ve got the top folks who make ridiculous amounts, the union folks in the middle who make rather good amounts, and the wanna-bes and locals at the bottom, many of whom look UP at minimum wage. Because of the hunger to “be involved” in movies, or to work into a career in one, the film industry enjoys vast numbers willing to work for nothing, and they take full advantage of that fact.

      Frankly, they pay what they have to… and not a cent more.

  • Anonymous

    I bet the Oregonians they hire will be paid minimum wage

    • Anonymous

      more to the point, the union labor (carpenters, electricians, etc) will have wages indexed to minimum wage, and therefore their labor will cost far more here than in British Columbia or Eastern Europe – two places with similar geography suitable for great outdoor scenes.

  • Jerry

    Ed is a great man! Bravo Ted! What a combo! Now things will really start to happen.

    • kitty

      Oh please….no one under 55 even knows who Ed Asner is……the movie business is run by YOUNG HIP people, not old fogey has been tv stars.

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  • Bobinor

    Lars, you’re an idiot…

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