Oregon ranks near the bottom of business-friendly states

Oregon Transformation

According to a recent Chief Executive survey of 550 CEO’s who were asked to grade and rank states for their business environment based on a wide range of criteria including taxation, regulation, workforce and quality of living, Oregon ranks near the bottom (#33) for maintaining a business-friendly atmosphere.

Below is a chart that illustrates the 2011 national rankings.

*Note the states with an asterisk: Texas, Indiana, Wisconsin and Louisiana.

Texas has held the #1 position since 2005, based on consistent pro-business state policies/regulations, overall attitude toward the business community and work ethic of its population.

Indiana, Wisconsin and Louisiana have made the most significant gains since 2010 after implementing statewide policies that foster private sector growth. In reshaping their frame of mind toward the role of business in their states, they have set themselves on a path of economic growth.

And Americans are flocking toward the jobs. Texas has attracted 4.3M people over the last decade, the highest influx of any state.

Everyone benefits when state governments recognize that the business community supplies desperately needed jobs, income and opportunities for its citizens to thrive and when state leaders work toward improving the environment for them to do so.

Source: http://chiefexecutive.net/best-worst-states-for-business