Lars Larson: Dems want to raise taxes, blame oil companies

by Lars Larson

Could we please get some sanity back in the room when it comes to talking about tax breaks for oil companies?

You know the Congress has been talking a lot about tax breaks for oil companies. Let me give you a couple of facts.

Number one, the oil companies don’t get any tax breaks on anything that other industries don’t get. That is, they get to deduct the cost of running their businesses. That’s it, plain and simple, and yet you’ve got folks like Sen. Ron Wyden and who insist all these oil companies are getting strange tax breaks not allowed to anyone else.

Hey, radio stations get to deduct the cost of people like talk show hosts and also the cost of their transmitters and the electricity they use. It’s no different in the oil business, and Congress seems to think, at least the Democrats think, that they can raise taxes on oil companies without those taxes being passed straight on to the consumers.

You know what this really is: the Democrats have their sights set on raising taxes on Americans and handing the blame to the oil companies.