Lars Larson: Obama is going to kill some of you

by Lars Larson

President Obama is going to kill some of you – literally!

The President made news the other day bragging about how he was going to save the average American family $8,000 a year in gasoline, by pushing the auto industry to get a corporate average fuel economy of 55 miles to the gallon.

The industry will do what it has to do to stay in business – cars are going to get very, very small.  And what’s that going to do? They’re going to peel hundreds and hundreds of pounds of weight off the cars that you drive to achieve the government ordered corporate average fuel economy, even though America is sitting on an ocean of available oil.

Every time the weight of that vehicle is reduced by a hundred pounds, your chances of dying are going to go up by about 5%. Peel three hundred pounds off – you’re 15% more likely to die in that car.

Like I said, the Obama administration’s corporate average fuel economy is going to kill some of you in the next few years. We just don’t know who yet.

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  • valley person

     “President Obama is going to kill some of you – literally!”

    No Lars. As a supposedly professional user of the English language, you should understand that “Literally” means he is actually going to kill you, as in shoot or stab you. You mean “figuratively”.

    “And what’s that going to do? They’re going to peel hundreds and hundreds of pounds of weight off the cars that you drive..”

    Perhaps. But also off of the weight of the cars your neighbors drive. And they will ride lower, so will be less tippy. Cars have in fact gotten way safer over the decades not due to size, but due to air bags and other features.

    If you really want to live longer, you should start with taking some weight off yourself dude.

    • THE GURU

      When you get drunk and drive your “tiny” car into a tree, light pole, or a concrete pillar, don’t come crying to those of us who warned you.

      • valley person

         According to Lars I’ll be dead, so don’t expect me to complain too loudly.

      • George

        If I do…don’t listen.  Because I’m a drunk. 

        You should run for office…I’m just sayin’.

    • JoelinPDX

      Actually VP, Lars meant to say literally that Obozo was going to kill people. What he meant, and expressed very correctly, is that Obozo’s proposed legislation was going to cause people to be dead. Obozo’s legislation is going to kill people — literally.

      Before you give people lessons in grammar and the use of the language, you should make sure you understand what you are teaching.

      • Crabman34

        Oh my lord, I must be on acid because Joel has produced the most coherent statement of his life.  Devoid of mentions of Kenya, birth certificates, death panels, a disbelief in climate change or evolution.  It’s a miracle!

        Hate to say it VP, but he’s right, Lars, dumb as he is, meant literally.  Just not directly.


        • JoelinPDX

          Please tell me where I ever said Obozo was from Kenya or that his Hawaiian birth certificate was anything but authentic. Have I ever mentioned death panels or questioned evolution. Yes, I question MMGW along with about half of climate scientists. What a cretin.

        • valley person

           I don’t agree. Lars said Obama is going to literally kill some of us. He didn’t say Obama’s fuel standards are going to literally result in someone’s death.

          But even if he had said that, it would be wrong. Car safety, and for that matter how companies reduce fuel consumption, depends on factors other than weight.  Europe has pretty large cars that get over 40MPG diesel that we can’t buy here. There are multiple paths to better fuel savings.

  • Ramalama

    “Every time the weight of that vehicle is reduced by a hundred pounds, your chances of dying are going to go up by about 5%”

    Any statistics to back that up? Because small cars like the Honda Civic, VW Jetta, and Toyota Corolla, which get pretty good gas mileage, are MUCH SAFER than big vehicles like the Dodge Ram, Ford Ranger, or Chevy S-10.

    Of  course, Lars fans don’t care about actual facts. 

  • Just doing the math

    Just what we have come to expect in the Land Of Lars; incendiary rhetoric
    and no facts.

    • THE GURU

      YOU sound too much like THEODORE.   Keep smoking the pot!

  • Guest

    Statistics show that if two vehicles with the same NHTSA full frontal rating crash into each other head on, but one vehicle weighs twice as much as the other, the occupants of the lighter one (2000 lbs / 909 kgs) are eight times more likely to be killed than the occupants of the heavier vehicle (4000 lbs / 1818 kgs).  However, vehicle weight offers no safety advantage or disadvantage in single-vehicle crashes.

    • Crabman34

      Right, but, isn’t Obama’s master plan to reduce ALL cars by 100 pounds?  So, we’re good then!  And how about instead of freaking out about everyone driving smaller cars, those of you who don’t actually have to haul 1000 pounds of stuff around every day stop buying trucks that weigh twice what most other people drive?  You don’t need that F-300, you really don’t.  Liberals may buy priuses for aspirational/identity reasons, but so do conservatives:  they just buy big american trucks to show their solidarity with construction workers and loggers.

      And, Lars, what ocean of oil are we talking about exactly?  Keep those eyes closed and continue wishing upon that star.  One day your prince will come.And where do you get the statistic that every 100 pounds off a car the chances of dying go up 5%?  That sounds a lot like a tea party meme.  Here’s a thought, when you make claims like that, start with “According to [insert government agency/independent organization/think tank] . . .”  Then your rantings might earn a modicum of respect.  Otherwise, you will continue to just sound like the guy on the corner with a bible in hand screaming about Armageddon.Also, the NHTSA study that maybe you are trying to cite found a 1 percent increase per 100 pounds, not 5.  And that study doesn’t factor in the reality that if all cars get smaller, that kind of negates the increased risk.Why does this guy continue to get paid to do this?  

      • Mimmartin

         Because he’s a little Rush Limbaugh…in the flesh…will blow smoke up anybody’s butt that, like himself, simply like to hear himself talk…but never really Say anything…lmbo…

      • Mimmartin

         Because he’s a little Rush Limbaugh…in the flesh…will blow smoke up anybody’s butt that, like himself, simply like to hear himself talk…but never really Say anything…lmbo…


    The president is going to kill us with fuel efficient vehicles? Really Lars? That’s the best you can come up with? 

    Thank You for the laughs. 

  • George

    So If I’m walking, and I weigh 200 pounds, then I am 2500% more likely to die.  AHHHHHHHH I’ve already died 22 times today….make it stop Lars…make…it….stop….

  • TexasVetgal

    And so the killing has began! Under NDAA or Obamacare. This clown is an EPIC disaster for America.
    More to die soon. He particularly has a bloody taste for Coptic Christians.
    Alawite, and Christians in Syria will now be sacrificed. As he arms America’s enemies in Al Queda.

    • james wilson

      Ive read some idiot diatribe in my time but most of the above is pure sarcasm to Lars. Lars is a human like you above but the difference is he is smart.

      • TexasVetgal

        It’s a year on… So you still believe ObozO is on America’s side DUFUS?
        ObozO has let many christians die, as my post suggested he would over a year ago.

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