Lars Larson: Obama Keystone call looks crazier and crazier

by Lars Larson

The President’s turn down of the Keystone pipeline looks crazier and crazier, the more we learn the details.

Yes the President turned down the Keystone XL pipeline. A $13 billion project promising, immediately, 20,000 jobs.

Well Rep. Joe Barton from Texas decided to dig in on that. He got the chance to interview, in front of a congressional committee, a woman from the State Department – the only U.S. agency that turned it down.

See, EPA and about a dozen other agencies said there was no problem, but the State Department has a say because the pipeline crosses an international border.

He said to the woman “So what was the objection, safety or some fear of a disaster?” She explained there just wasn’t time. To which Rep. Barton replied “We fought and won World War II in less time than this administration has taken to consider the Keystone pipeline. There’s been plenty of time and the President’s excuses are running pretty thin.”

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