Lars Larson: Obama will face voters paying $5 a gallon gas

by Lars Larson

How could the Obama administration even claim they’re trying to lower gasoline prices?

You know the Obama administration is backpedaling hard right now and they ought to be on a bicycle because they certainly don’t like cars.

Let me you give my evidence of that. It’s not really great that gasoline is already over four bucks a gallon and headed toward five. And he’s going to try to talk votes out of voters who are paying five bucks a gallon for gasoline?

So what does his Energy Secretary say? He tells the Congress we are not trying to lower gasoline prices and, in fact, you believe it because Dr. Steven Chu said that four years ago. He said “We would like to have gasoline prices like those in Europe at eight or nine dollars a gallon.”

Then Obama’s got the Transportation Secretary, Ray LaHood – he says “We’re not going to favor motorized transportation over non-motorized.” He apparently wants people on bikes too.

And the President doesn’t talk at all about lowering gas prices? But instead, the President says he’s going to put you in what, a windmill-powered car? How’s that going to work?

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