Beware: Soda tax, Gas tax, Beer tax, Tire tax, Late tax, Privilege Tax

dog-logo-stampBy Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The first releasing of bills in the 2013 Legislature reveals a flood of tax increases.   Here is the Taxpayer Association of Oregon tax watch list part 1.

Alcohol Taxes (HB 2515, SB 118)
Property Taxes (HJR 7, HJR 8, HJR 13,SJR 11, SB 313)
Soda Tax (HB 2331)
Expands Privilege Tax (HB 2455)
Tobacco Taxes – (HB 2481, HB 2514, SB 119, HB 2228, HB 2275)
Gas Taxes (HB 2276)
Studded Tire Tax (HB 2397)
Home Recording Fee Increase (HB 2417)
Car Mileage Tax (HB 2453)
Late filing Fee Increase (SB 252)
Extends Emergency communications tax – (HB 2035)
Established payroll tax for self-employed tax (HB 2126)
Backdoor Business tax Increase? (SB 305, HB 2456, and HB 2491)

Follow these taxes as they happen on our 24 hour daily news website

Did we miss one?  Send it to us at [email protected]

Note — Not every bill here may be a tax increase and/or mixed with tax reductions, more to be known as hearings and fiscal impact statements are released.


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  • crabman34

    Nearly every one of the products or behaviors being taxed in this list poses unaccounted for negative externalities on society. What would you have us do? Pay for your cirrhosis and emphysema with my tax dollars? Let you destroy my streets with your studded tires without paying for it?

    The Oregon Taxpayers Association is a shill, that last sentence proves it: “Note — Not every bill here may be a tax increase and/or mixed with tax reductions, more to be known as hearings and fiscal impact statements are released.”

    Yeah, in other words, we don’t know what these bills say because we won’t bother reading them, we’ll just pretend they are all tax increases so we can scream about it. Dishonesty knows no better name.

    • T. Party

      Fees, Mr. Hewitt, please google the definition of “governmentium” and ‘retort’ back at your convenience.

      • crabman34

        Not feasible to reply to this. Google is still working on a yokel translator.

        • T. Party

          Yo, you are so swilly monsewer BlueOregon KrabMeister! D’oh bawl of of curse, you won’t understand anything contrary to what you sway in any manner of speaking. Argh!

          • crabman34

            No, I just never can figure out how to parse your vernacular. What doe you mean by “swilly?” Or “D’oh bawl of of curse”? Seriously, is this stream of consciousness while on drugs? (BTW, I did google Governmentium and it links to a completely idiotic joke wiki that plays on tired tropes about bureaucrats, not so much fees or taxes, though. Did you expect that to prove some point?)

            It’s not so much that I disagree with what you say, (though I think I do, it’s just hard to tell when you choose to speak that way), it’s that I just find it plainly irritating that you think the bizarro vernacular you use is funny, or witty, or something. It’s mostly just illiterate ad hominems coming from you, from what I can tell.

            Also why must you constantly change your name? Your language is so singularly unique and special, it’s plainly obvious when you are commenting. I’ll have to come up with a good nickname…

          • N. Eunedo

            Language singularly unique and special:
            “I did not have sex with that woman. – Bill Clinton
            “You’re likeable enough, Hillary.” – Barack Obama
            “Folks, I can tell you I’ve known eight presidents, three of them intimately.” – Joe Biden
            “In my sentences I go where no man has gone before…
            I am a boon to the English language.” – George W. Bush
            ( ‘moist’ likely inspired by Norm Crosby, master of malapropisms)

          • N. Eundo

            Senor down-voter has his head down (don’t now which end) in a mole hole, butt doesn’t matter ‘cuz e’s no doubt a blue cool aid supplicant from a moldy canteen.

  • Bob Clark

    Thanks, Jason, for the bill numbers.
    p.s.: I saw where Tina Turner is renouncing her U.S citizenship and becoming a citizen of Switzerland. Switzerland is known as a tax haven for the well-to-do, starlets too. You can either pay an income tax or pay a flat absolute tax amount (said to be equivalent to a certain level of rent), but this might only be available to certain residents of notoriety. Switzerland actually is in permanent political gridlock of sorts as it is said to be comprised of city state type governments. (Switzerland doesn’t bear much public cost of sustaining a military complex like other nations.) I guess Tina Turner is going Swiss on us, not so much for tax reasons, but rather love. Her boyfriend’s last name is interestingly Bach.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Has there ever been a time when the numbers of agencies, or programs the legislature has collectivly proposed to close, has outnumbered the number of new tax increases they have proposed?

    I doubt it very much. I am sick of the emphasis being on ever more new and inventive ways to tax people. Any idiot can look at a studded tire and think “I don’t like that, I can justify damage, let’s tax it” . Going through and saying “hey, you know, this program was supposed to solve this problem, we still have the problem, let’s eliminate the program” takes actual work.

    • 3Hall

      Well, in the case of studded tires, do they cause more damage to the roads? If they do, is it fair that I pay for someone else’s studded tire use? Why shouldn’t they pay more to offset the damage they cause?

      One alternative would be to ban studded tire use. Would that be a better solution?

    • DavidAppell

      I don’t think Oregon taxes are going up.

      Here is Oregon state government total tax collections:

      If you divide this by the Oregon population:

      and adjust for inflation using the nationwide CPI

      I find that per capita Oregon tax collection peaked at $2,495/person (in 2012 dollars). It’s now down to $2,247, a decline of 10%.

  • db

    If we increase the bureaucracy implement the tax, where do we benefit?

  • db

    If we increase the bureaucracy to implement the tax, how do we benefit?

  • E.G. PERS

    Suggest superfluous and/or archaic tax laws/fees be defrocked before anointing more specious ORS addenda bound to put taxpayers in a tighter bind.

    • E.G. PERS

      SINdicated down-voter to my comment must suck and vaunts his PERS to keep on slurpeeing and slurpeeing until the commoner sense well goes dry. Cheese Chemise, what a warp’n Dem Idiot if aye might say so!

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