Lars Larson: The implications of the Pigford decision

An awfully lot of black farmers claim they’ve been discriminated against by the United States government. I’m certain it’s probably true. There were probably black farmers who walked in, asked for an agriculture loan, and were turned down by white bigots 50 or 60 years ago simply because of skin color.

The problem is I think we’ve already done justice there. They’ve handed out 16,000 different awards and there were only about 33,000 black farmers at the time. Here’s where the real outrage comes. Now there are 94,000 additional claimants.

You heard me right. There were 33,000 black farmers at the time the allegedly discrimination happened, 16,000 have already been paid off, and now 94,000 new claimants?

No wonder the United States government is going broke.

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