Lars Larson: Obama says he’s never raised taxes?

I hate to call the president a liar, but it seems he is doing it a lot lately.

There he was, being interviewed by my buddy Bill O’Reilly from Fox News TV. What does he tell Bill? He says he has “not increased taxes in the last two years.”

I would beg to differ. The fact is, he has increased cigarette taxes and about a dozen different taxes that are included within the Obama health care plan.

The most egregious of the health plan taxes is the flexible spending tax increase. For the average family, one of the easiest ways to deal with the immediate loss of medical care, like co-pays, deductibles, and trips to the pharmacy, is with the flex account. Obama cut that flex account in half. The average tax increase to the family is around $200-$500 per year.

And Obama says, “I’ve never increased taxes. I’ve only cut them.” What a bunch of bologna.

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