Lars Larson: Time for America to produce its own energy

It’s about time we got back to producing America’s own energy supply.

President Obama’s done enough damage to this county and now we’ve got a bigger problem. The dollar is weaker. That means the Arabs and Hugo Chavez and everyone else wants more dollars to buy every barrel of oil. We’re now pushing up towards $100 a barrel. Gasoline costs have topped $3.

Let me remind you of something. When President Obama took office, the cost of an average gallon of gas in America was $1.81. Now it’s closer to $3.When it hits $4, what is that going to do to whatever economic recovery we might be enjoying right now?

With all the forecasts of falling house prices in the new year, I’m not quite sure the President has stabilized the economy as much as he claims he has. The very least he could do is let us drill some of our own oil.

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