Lars Larson: Abortions more important than our troops to Dems and Obama

by Lars Larson

It really tells you something about the Congress’s perspective and its priorities when you see them pull this kind of dirty trick.

Even if the federal government gets back in business quickly, the fact is that Congress, and especially the Democrats and the President, have told us a lot about their priorities.

Abortion, and public funding of abortion, is apparently a top priority for the Congress and for the President.  After all, the President said he’d veto funding for the whole federal government if it didn’t include Planned Parenthood funding to make sure that that organization, the biggest abortion provider in the world, would continue to provide those operations at taxpayer’s expense – and – they didn’t bother to take care of our troops. 

Troops who are, by law, required to continue doing their jobs and yet their paychecks get held up.  The President still gets paid – Democrats in Congress still get paid – even though they won’t play game and it was the Democrats in Congress who failed to pass a budget last fall.

That’s shameful – and it tells us a lot about them. We’ll remember next Election Day.

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