Executive Club: How environmentalists hurt the environment

Todd Myers: Environmentalists Harming the Environment!
Oregon Executive Club
Oct. 5th, Wed. 6:30pm
Shilo Inn, Portland Airport

Todd Myers, one of the nation’s leading experts on free market environmental policy is our featured special guest Wednesday night. He is on a mission to enlighten the public about the tremendous harm to our economic system and our everyday lives by naive, often pernicious, and just plain dumb environmentalists.

Myers is the Director of the Washington Policy Center for the Environment plans an entertaining presentation for us based on the title of his latest book, Eco-Fads: “How the Rise of Trendy Environmentalism is Harming the Environment.”

Todd will spotlight the politicians, businesses, media figures and even the scientists, who should know better, but who still fall for environmental fads. Be there to hear an entertaining and expert exposition of environmentalist folly … and the steps necessary to bring and end to the foolishness. EC