More sloppy CD-1 polling on the way

by NW Spotlight

Either someone’s trying to distort the results or somebody has hired a really inept polling outfit.

A resident of Oregon’s first congressional district (CD-1) got a robo-call at their home about an hour ago – a poll for the CD-1 special election to replace David Wu. The questions were as follows (see below). The thing that was bad about the call is that when they recorded question 3, which is the “ballot test question”, they mispronounced Rob Cornilles’ name both times!  The first time they said it they said “Bob Cornilles” and the second time they said “Rob Cornelius.” Suzanne Bonamici’s name was read perfectly both times.

Since it was a RECORDED call, you would think that they would get the names right in order to reflect an accurate test. It’s not going to radically skew results, but it’s either sloppy or underhanded – and with polls, you never know. Some political insiders we were able to contact think the robo-calls are being done by SurveyUSA, and they’ll probably release the results tomorrow (Tuesday) or Wednesday.

Question 1

How likely are you to vote in the January 31 special election?

Question 2

Will you vote Republican or Democrat?

Question 3

Will you vote for Suzanne Bonamici or Bob Cornilles? If you’re planning to vote for Suzanne Bonamici, press 1. If you’re planning to vote for Rob Cornelius, press 2, …

Question 4

Do you approve or disapprove of the job President Obama is doing?

Question 5

Did you vote for Obama or McCain in 2008?

Question 6

Do you consider yourself a Democrat, Republican or Independent?

Question 7


Question 8

Male or Female