More sloppy CD-1 polling on the way

by NW Spotlight

Either someone’s trying to distort the results or somebody has hired a really inept polling outfit.

A resident of Oregon’s first congressional district (CD-1) got a robo-call at their home about an hour ago – a poll for the CD-1 special election to replace David Wu. The questions were as follows (see below). The thing that was bad about the call is that when they recorded question 3, which is the “ballot test question”, they mispronounced Rob Cornilles’ name both times!  The first time they said it they said “Bob Cornilles” and the second time they said “Rob Cornelius.” Suzanne Bonamici’s name was read perfectly both times.

Since it was a RECORDED call, you would think that they would get the names right in order to reflect an accurate test. It’s not going to radically skew results, but it’s either sloppy or underhanded – and with polls, you never know. Some political insiders we were able to contact think the robo-calls are being done by SurveyUSA, and they’ll probably release the results tomorrow (Tuesday) or Wednesday.

Question 1

How likely are you to vote in the January 31 special election?

Question 2

Will you vote Republican or Democrat?

Question 3

Will you vote for Suzanne Bonamici or Bob Cornilles? If you’re planning to vote for Suzanne Bonamici, press 1. If you’re planning to vote for Rob Cornelius, press 2, …

Question 4

Do you approve or disapprove of the job President Obama is doing?

Question 5

Did you vote for Obama or McCain in 2008?

Question 6

Do you consider yourself a Democrat, Republican or Independent?

Question 7


Question 8

Male or Female

  • The Bill Post Radio Show

    My answers:
    1 – Yes
    2 – Republican
    3 – (this one’s complicated since it really doesn’t name my GOP candidate but I think I know who the Democrats……err…pollsters are looking for) Rob Cornilles
    4 – Disapprove
    5 – McCain
    6 – Republican
    7 – 51
    8 – Male

    Here’s my take on the polling so far (ALL done by Democrats and/or their supporters:

    • None

      I’m sure you’ll find a way to blame the Democratic Party for the failure of Republicans to do any polling.

      • Tom Joad

        Yeah, if this bald headed stooge isn’t too busy blaming the Tea Party for Cornilles’es eventual loss. 

        • The Bill Post Radio Show

          Dear Tom: I liked you better in the movie. 
          The Tea Party WILL be partially to blame.  If they continue to stick with their “principles” and not grow up and learn the actual political process.  Not ALL by the way, just a few who when they lost elections got the “I’m taking my ball and going home” attitude.  Get on the team and let’s get Rob to DC, let him hang with some solid Conservatives and learn for a couple months before we “pre” barbecue him.  OR we could elect Bonamici and get what we deserve…..hmmm…..
          Oh and yes, as a stooge, I liked Moe the best.

          • Tom Joad

            Do you know how many Tea Party people are volunteering for the campaign? Lots.

            There would be more if Cornilles wouldn’t just blow them off and refuse to talk to them. There’d be even more than that if he were at all genuine. Instead, he’s just repeating the same mistakes he made last time, and those of Gordon Smith, and Chris Dudley, and on and on and on …

            The GOP will be successful in Oregon when it grows some balls. That process will be helped immensely when second rate talk show hosts stop pandering and enabling these wuss candidates who refuse to even acknowledge the R by their name and run away from their own party and principles.

            (Bill, that “run away” reference was a double entendre. Get it?)

          • The Bill Post Radio Show

            Dear Tom,
            How’s Ma?  She off that Model T yet?
            Meanwhile back here in 2011…….
            You or your guy lost.
            Let it go.
            Rob hasn’t blown anyone off, it’s been the other way around and I don’t happen to think Gordon Smith made too many mistakes EARLY in his political career.  Being senator for several terms is a pretty good thing.
            Now calling me second rate is kind of funny, cause that’s how I describe myself daily, so if you wanna hurt me, call me Lars. 🙂
            Now, go back to whatever Libertarian rock you crawled out from under and tell Pa to put the kettle on and keep the mattress tied down nicely.

          • Tom Joad

            I didn’t have a guy in the primary. Nice try though.

            You’re really going to hang your hat on Gordon Smith as a model of conservative success in Oregon? He lost to Jeff. Freaking. Merkley.

            According to your rant, anyone who wants someone more conservative than Rob Cornilles must be a libertarian.

            You are as logical as you are hirsute.

          • Sol668

            As a Progressive I completely agree with Tom!  Please “grow some balls” and completely marginalize yourself in a traditionally progressive state like Oregon!  This isn’t the bible belt, this isn’t randy weavers outpost in Idaho…republicans like hatfield packwood and mccall have long ago been cast aside by an increasingly radical GOP….which suits me just fine… 

  • Crazydog

    These morons call only people dumb enough to still have land lines. Great survey technique.

    • Sol668

      Um I wouldn’t be calling your conservative base “dumb” as typically older americans who favor the GOP are coincidently the same individuals who still have land lines….which IMHO tends to skew these results in favor of the republican

    • JoelinPDX

      Wrong! I got the call on my cell phone. 

      I also noticed that they were all over the road on the Republican’s name but got the Democrat;s name right every time. Mu guess is this wasn’t a GOP poll and was conducted by a liberal firm that typically doesn’t give a rip about accuracy.

      • Tom Joad

        Who cares? This is a fake controversy that will get no play with the voters. A bunch of amateurs are running the campaign, and a bunch of amateurs run this sight.

  • valley person

    Polls are always flawed or biased when they tell you what you don’t want to hear. The reality is that Cornilles has an uphill fight. He is running in a moderate to liberal district, and is anchored down by his party affiliation. His best bet is low turnout in a special election. 

  • Tom Joad

    Holy Moses this is bad reporting. Written by a junior high schooler. Which probably means it was written by the hairy thirty year old college student living in his mom’s basement.

    Trying to drum up a manufactured conspiracy to prop up your chosen milk toast candidate … pathetic.

    Oregon Catalyst is circling the drain.

    • The Bill Post Radio Show

      Then why torture yourself….move on Tom.
      Your comments are killing us too!
      PS: lame people who use bogus comment page names are out of style.  Step up to the plate and hit the ball.  Sheesh.

      • Tom Joad

        Don’t worry, I’ve moved on to better sources of info, along with most of Oregon. I still show up here because I find bittersweet amusement in watching a once influential new media outlet be taken over by pipsqueaks like you.

  • Just seeing this now; wanted to let you know that poll was NOT ours. We polled the primary back in October, and have our first general election poll on that race in the field now; we just began those interviews yesterday.