Bonamici campaign caught lying on tax/fee votes: Pants on Fire

by NW Spotlight

The Oregonian’s PolitiFact has rated a recent Bonamici campaign memo to the media: “Pants on Fire”. The Bonamici campaign memo was attempting to deny one of the statements in Rob Cornilles’ latest television ad: “[Bonamici] voted for higher taxes and fees on the middle class and small business.”

The Bonamici campaign memo tried to use an earlier PolitiFact that looked at the actual number of tax and fee increases, not the basic fact that Bonamici had voted for higher taxes and fees. PolitiFact’s reaction? “We’re astonished with the Bonamici campaign’s interpretation.”

Bonamici herself has admitted “she can’t recall ever voting against a tax or fee hike”.

Says PolitiFact “Let’s make this clear: It is 100 percent true that Bonamici has voted for higher taxes and fees while in the Legislature,” and “The Cornilles’ campaign claim that ‘she voted for higher taxes and fees’ is spot on.”