The gall and hypocrisy of Win McCormack

by Dan Lucas

There’s a man who appears behind Suzanne Bonamici in her recent victory speech, just to the right of her in the photo. Bonamici had just won the CD-1 special election to replace David Wu.

The man is major Democratic donor & insider Win McCormack. McCormack gave at least $10,000 to Bonamici’s campaign. He also held a cocktail party the Friday before the election “to honor Oregon’s next Congresswoman, Suzanne Bonamici”.

Back in 2008, McCormack authored a book titled “You Don’t Know Me, A Citizen’s Guide to Republican Family Values“. Jeff Mapes at the Oregonian described it as a book that “chronicled dozens of sex scandals involving Republican figures. He thought Republican sexual hypocrisy was inextricably linked to the party’s misdeeds in government.”

Are you kidding me? McCormack wrote a book on sexual hypocrisy? He wrote this book 18 years after he learned of the serial molesting of a 13-year-old girl by Neil Goldschmidt and then did nothing! In explaining why he did nothing, McCormack said “I didn’t feel like it was my business…I didn’t want to destroy him”. McCormack showed no concern for other possible victims, just concern for the perpetrator. And there were reports of other victims. Hopefully no other young girls were molested by Goldschmidt after McCormack decided to do nothing in 1990.

Win McCormack then went on to donate thousands of dollars to David Wu’s campaigns long after he learned of David Wu’s attempted rape in college.

And now McCormack has just helped elect Suzanne Bonamici, the wife of David Wu’s lawyer. Bonamici is a so called “champion for women”. But when Bonamici learned of Wu’s latest sexual assault on a recent high school graduate, she said nothing. Both of Oregon’s U.S. senators spoke out and her primary opponents spoke out, but Suzanne Bonamici was silent. Her strange silence even had some of the staunchest Democrats scratching their heads.

Maybe McCormack can start work on his next book: “You Don’t Know Me, A Citizen’s Guide to Democrats Enabling Sexual Predators”. An added benefit for McCormack would be that he wouldn’t even have to travel outside of Oregon to write it.