Lars Larson: Obama is going to kill some of you

by Lars Larson

President Obama is going to kill some of you – literally!

The President made news the other day bragging about how he was going to save the average American family $8,000 a year in gasoline, by pushing the auto industry to get a corporate average fuel economy of 55 miles to the gallon.

The industry will do what it has to do to stay in business – cars are going to get very, very small.  And what’s that going to do? They’re going to peel hundreds and hundreds of pounds of weight off the cars that you drive to achieve the government ordered corporate average fuel economy, even though America is sitting on an ocean of available oil.

Every time the weight of that vehicle is reduced by a hundred pounds, your chances of dying are going to go up by about 5%. Peel three hundred pounds off – you’re 15% more likely to die in that car.

Like I said, the Obama administration’s corporate average fuel economy is going to kill some of you in the next few years. We just don’t know who yet.

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