More incompetence by Secretary of State Kate Brown

Knute Buehler for Secretary of State

Candidate for Secretary of State, Dr. Knute Buehler, released the following statement yesterday after a story published Sunday in The Oregonian highlighted a lack of fiscal oversight by the Secretary of State’s Audit Division.  The Division’s failure to monitor submissions by municipalities such as Oakridge and Molalla could have prevented near insolvency by their governments.   

“The lack of fiscal oversight by our current Secretary of State is inexcusable. It’s the responsibility of the Secretary of State’s Audit Division to root out waste, fraud and inefficiency, so Oregonians have confidence their taxes are spent wisely.  We can’t continue to have cities that ‘go without oversight for years’ as The Oregonian exposed Sunday.  We need a Secretary of State that takes the job of fiscal oversight seriously and will focus the resources of the Division’s 70 auditors on carrying out this important job.”

“This is unfortunately another example of continued incompetence by our current Secretary of State.  She failed to notify the public about crucial election changes until the last minute.  She’s failing to monitor municipalities. In this time of shrinking tax receipts, while many cities lay on the brink of insolvency, fiscal oversight is crucial.  If she’s not monitoring cities, I wonder what else isn’t being audited?”

  • Rupert in Springfield

    >It’s the responsibility of the Secretary of State’s Audit Division to
    root out waste, fraud and inefficiency, so Oregonians have confidence
    their taxes are spent wisely.

    Sorry but this made me laugh. The first thing that went through my head was “huh, why does this sound to my like the old Tobacco Institute?”

    Guffaws over this sort of thing should not be limited to those occasions of private industry policing itself. Government policing itself is just as idiotic. Considering that the repercussions of the latter are far more serious than those of the former, I tend to think a hardier laugh is in order.

    Yes – Even though I have said private industry self policing is laughable faux astonishment should ensue to avoid the essential topic of the idiocy of government self policing.

  • HBguy

    So, if Dr. Buehler is elected is he going to hire enough auditors and support staff in the SoS office to audit all 1700 municipalities in Oregon? How about the counties? How about the other special districts? How much will that cost? How many more government employees is Dr. Beuhler suggesting we hire, at what cost (including PERS and benefits, and additional office space, etc), 

    Or is it more consistent with conservative values to expect local governments and special districts to control their own budgets and finances and be directly responsible to their constituents.

    This is not just a swing and a miss. It seems like a strange position to take for a Republican. Unless of course, it’s a purely negative attack with no principled argument.

  • Rory

    Not all municipalities are audited by the Secretary of State’s office, many are audited by private audit firms according to governmental auditing standards.  These audits are for the protection of the public and their tax dollars.  All municipal audits are submitted to the Secretary of State’s office.  Once of their principal duties is to review these audits and take corrective action where necessary.  If she is not doing her job, she should not be in that position.  The two previous comments are from people who obviously have no idea what that office is responsible for and should educate themselves before they stupid remarks.

    • HBguy

      OK. I can be corrected, so I went to Oregon Revised Statutes, chapter 497 and read it. I didn’t see anywhere that required the SoS to audit all municipalities. I saw where the municipalities were ro perform their own audit and file them with the SoS. And that the audits shall be subject to reviw, but nothing requiring review.

      can you point out the statute that requires the SoS to perform audits on all municipalities? And, assuming you can find that requirement, and considering the SoS currently has one person spot checking municipal audits, how many people the SoS would be put on this task by Dr. Buehler?

      • 3H

        You might want to check out the Oregon Administrative Rules too.. I haven’t, so I don’t know what they say.

        • HBguy

          Quick search, but found nothing in OAR’s. Just waiting for Rory to point me to the legal source for his statement…..

      • HBguy

        Sorry, not a statute requiring the SoS to audit. A statute requiring the SoS to review each and every audit. 

  • Lonewolf

    What do you expect from a Dem runned by union thugs? Excellence??