Kate Brown is at it again

by NW Spotlight

In the most recent example of either incompetence or partisan manipulation, Secretary of State Kate Brown has put her stamp on the May 15, 2012 online Primary Voter’s Pamphlet. When voters first go into the voters’ pamphlet, they’ll see all the Democratic Candidates’ positions already expanded – and the Democratic Candidate for US President, Barack Obama, already displayed.

None of the Republican Candidates’ positions are expanded, and when you do click on Republican Candidates (see below), it doesn’t automatically show the Republican Candidates for US President.

Yet another ‘technical error’ (which always seem to fall one way) or more partisan abuse of power?


To see the latest from Secretary of State Kate Brown:

1. Click here to go to the Oregon Secretary of State web site (Elections Division)

2. Under “What’s new?”, click on 2012 Primary Online Voters’ Guide

UPDATE: As of 4/27/2012 the ‘technical error’ has been fixed. To see what it looked like before it was fixed, click here.

  • Jim Welsh

    The same little game was played recently when you called up the PCP form on the SOS website. The online form was already checked for Dermocrat. I called this to the attention of the ORGOP and it was corrected. Kate Brown is perhaps one of the most amoral people I have seen in Oregon politics.
                                                    Jim Welsh

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Is this woman just completely incapable of doing the right thing? You would think someone would have enough self worth to not want to even appear to run the office in this manner.

  • I’m just not surprised at the blatant liberal idea that we won’t know any better than to see this for what it is.

  • JoelinPDX

    You know, it’s creatures like Kate Brown (along with Barry Obozo and John Kitzslobber) that make me truly dislike Democlowns. I didn’t used to feel this way. Hell, I even was one before I figured out that government isn’t ever the answer.

    But this attitude they have, that they can do completely partisan things and do them with impunity just makes me want to puke. Set up tents and go camping in the city parks, pass 2700-page bills you haven’t read, abuse the privileges of the office you hold by going golfing every four days or so, or taking a prolonged vacation every other month. The arrogance all of these things display is just overwhelming. And now Kate Brown plays politics with  the Voters’ Pamphlet.

  • JoelinPDX

    Hey! Where’s the liberal contingent making excuses for Brown’s blatant partisanship? C’mon guys…explaining Katie’s lack of competence is no tougher than your usual crapola.

    • guest

      Can you say Bill Bradbury and Kate Brown in the same breath?
      Alas, what’s left of US will say Icon over and over again.

  • atx2pdx

    You do realize that the Republican candidate for the Presidency has yet to be officially announced/decided, right? 

  • The Bill Post Radio Show

    Any coincidence that the SOS elections online registration site was down ALL DAY yesterday on the deadline to register?  Naw……

  • atx2pdx

    I’m just saying the issue raised here about the Republican candidate for the presidency is actually not an issue as Romney has secured the position. 

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