Lars Larson: Textbooks not telling truth about 9-11

by Lars Larson

Should American school textbooks tell the kids the truth about the 9-11 terrorist attacks?

I think that America’s textbooks should tell the truth about 9-11, and apparently they do not.

Brigitte Gabriel, who heads up ACT! for America Education, has spent the past two years looking at what’s in America’s textbooks. You know, more than a decade has gone by since the terrorist attacks on 9-11-2001. And what she’s found is disturbing.

She’s found that those textbooks tell that America was attacked, but they don’t tell why and they don’t tell who. They mention groups like al-Qaeda and the Taliban, but they don’t say what the religious motivation was. They don’t explain that America was attacked by Islamic radicals, who believed that they were acting in the name of their own religion.

They believed they were attacking America in the name of their religion. Not explaining that to kids leaves out the why, of why America was attacked ten years ago.