Treasurer candidate Ben Westlund fails to pay taxes on time

[Alan Alley Press Release]
Ben Westlund Fails to Pay Property Taxes on Time,
Calls into Question His Suitability to be Oregon’s Next Treasurer

Portland, OR — An examination of Deschutes County public records shows that Ben Westlund, candidate for state treasurer, has failed to pay his property taxes on time in five of the last twelve years [1]. This pattern of delinquency in performing a basic civic duty calls into question his suitability to be Oregon’s chief financial officer. The treasurer is “responsible for the prudent financial management of billions of taxpayer dollars.” [2] Part of this responsibility is to oversee more than 13 million financial transactions valued at over $120 billion each year. It is no place for shoddy accounting practices.

“If Ben Westlund can’t pay his own bills on time, why should Oregonians trust him to pay the state’s bills on time?” asked Allen Alley. “Being late on payments nearly half the time is no way to run a household, let alone a state.”

In addition, ORS 293.875 designates the State Treasurer as the cash management officer for the state. State agencies regularly rely on the flow of cash in and out of the Treasury in a timely manner in order to run their operations and serve Oregonians.

“If the Treasurer is late with payments it can disrupt the delivery of state services. The Office of the Treasurer demands experience and leadership and is no place for on-the-job training,” said Allen Alley who has extensive experience in financial management and investments and has helped grow and manage several global, publicly-traded technology companies. Alley has demonstrated an impeccable record in both his personal and corporate life, and has been tested by the scrutiny of running a publicly traded company.

“This morning, children from every corner of Oregon will be returning to a school funded by property taxes. Thankfully, hard-working Oregonians uphold their civic duty by paying their taxes on time to fund these schools,” said Allen Alley. “The same can’t be said for Ben Westlund.”


[1] Deschutes County property tax records: 1996, 1997, 1998, 2004, 2005


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  • taxpayer

    how, how, how can this westlund guy be a credible candidate? it shocks me that the democrats would be arrogant enough to put this guy forward. is oregon really so blue that we could elect someone so incompetent and unqualified?

    • Steve Plunk

      Unfortunately Oregon is that blue.

  • Eddie

    Hmm… I looked at the DIAL property tax info system that Deschutes County has online (

    Looks like Alley is wrong on this one. Westlund WAS delinquent in 1998, but not in any of the other years. Check it out for yourself.

    Who researched this for the Alley campaign??? I really don’t care which of these douches wins, but if Alley is hitting Westlund on this, he’s got either idiots or liars working for him.

  • Alan

    Can we fault a man for not wanting to pay taxes?

  • John Fairplay

    I’ll tell ya, if ol’ Ben comes out and sez he didn’t pay because he hates paying taxes and he thinks the property tax burden in Deschutes County is too high, he’ll gather a lot of votes.

  • Eddie

    Duh, you start paying interest at certain points, but if you paid property taxes you’d know that counties don’t consider property taxes delinquent unless you aren’t paid in full by May 15.

    Most homeowners I know (me included) arrange a schedule that works for their own finances (with interest payments)… just so long as it’s all paid up by May.

  • Axmen

    What a jerk! Apparently his glasses slipped off his lower nose and he wasn’t able to read the amount due. I will bet that this SOB approved the debt collection procedures for collecting state taxes. So I say, let the collectors have after this worthless piece of sxxt.

    • Walter

      Axmen, did you even read the flippin’ DIAL report? Westlund DOESN’T ACTUALLY OWE ANY MONEY to anyone, he was just late sending it.

      So since you’re such a smart guy, please enlighten: WHAT, exactly, do you think “the collectors” would be collecting from him at this point?

      • Abraxia

        Bull Semen, exactly what you’re putting forth, Walter.


        • Walter

          hahaha! Well, I guess you’re out of actual debating points, so you’re just going to revert to non-substantive insults, is that it?

          Axmen suggested that the tax collectors go after Westlund, who has been shown to NOT owe any taxes. And I’m the idiot? Nice.

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