Epic Loss — Former House Speaker Dave Hunt comes in last

By Quick Comment,

The 2012 Primary election has brought a closing chapter to a long story about the fall of State Representative and former House Speaker Dave Hunt. The election results show that he received an embarrassing and terrible last place showing among four candidates in his race for County Commissioner in Clackamas. Fourth place? After spending nearly $150,000 Dave Hunt hit last place.

At one time Dave Hunt was Speaker of the House with a huge Democrat majority. He used that power not just to raise lots of taxes but also punish people who disagreed with him. Republicans were shut out during Hunt’s rule and even the media began to notice. Dave Hunt tried to manipulate ballot titles to stop ballot measures he didn’t like (until he was rebuked). At one time Dave Hunt tried to pass a bill which made it more difficult for the Independent party to use their own name. Fellow Democrat lawmaker felt his misuse of power and later voted him out of his leadership position. The sad career of Dave Hunt includes being bounced from his Speakership, bounced from Democrat leader by his own members and now rejected by voters in a colossal flop for Clackamas County Commissioner.

John Ludlow 16,707 28%
Charlotte Leha 16,056 27%
Paul Savas 14,367 24%
Dave Hunt 11,899 20%

  • guest

    Egotist Hunt might have done better had he sought to unseat a vulnerable SOS, Kate Brown. 

    Meanwhile, the huggy bear couple pictured in the Oregonian Metro, Clackamas Conmssioners Lehan and Bernard should be sent creeping into retirement at Westmoreland Union Manor with a view of the METROpolis Orange Line boondoggle that should be terminated at SE Tacoma St in PORTLAND.     


  • Bob Clark

    The same thing should have become of Jeff Merkley, currently Oregon Senator; but he escaped just prior to Oregon’s financial meltdown and responsibilty rarely follows the politician who has done his/her damage and moved on before his/her policy failures come home to roost.

  • Reper

    I think it is still too early to count Dave Hunt out.  He was running against two sitting commissioners.

  • valley person

    Hunt was unable to make a case as to why we should elect him over Lehan. As for the fall, I expect she will wipe the floor with Ludlow. He is far too right wing for the suburban moderate, albeit cheap, electorate of Clackamas County.

    • guest

      VP, obviously out of tuning into Rob Kremer when he was tearing the witless Lehan apart last week.  Ludlow’s campaign should include excepts of the d’oh witted Chairperson, nee Portland creeper and left wing grubber stamper.

      • guest

        excusez-moi – Excerpts, not expects ’tis the word applicable.  

        • guest

           or ‘excepts’ as VP would surmise.

  • guest

    Dave Hunt is now toast thanks to his overbearing.

    Yay for Jim Ludlow, boo for Charlotte Lehan who couldn’t open her mouth without her Dem witted brains spewing out. 

    Indeed, Paul Savas, who’ll still keep his seat, should have deferred to Ludlow and a runoff in Nov may have been averted.

    Sorry about Jim Knapp, Martha Schrader is
    a rubber stamp to Portland creep and really only needs the commi$$ion
    income to supplement her marital divorce from US Congressman Kurt.
    Tootie Smith and Jamie Damon – a no brainer – Smith has more commoner sense.

    Then there’s recumbent incumbent Jim Bernard, the Lehan hugger in today’s fish wrapper –  indeed, who should be recalled because
    of his conflict of interest attending TriMet, along with the Milwaukie
    Mayor, Jeremy Ferguson, another pocket ‘go-fer’ for creepy Portland


  • LookingGlass

    Of course he came in last. He is a buffoon. Nothing more, nothing less.