Epic Loss — Former House Speaker Dave Hunt comes in last

By Quick Comment,

The 2012 Primary election has brought a closing chapter to a long story about the fall of State Representative and former House Speaker Dave Hunt. The election results show that he received an embarrassing and terrible last place showing among four candidates in his race for County Commissioner in Clackamas. Fourth place? After spending nearly $150,000 Dave Hunt hit last place.

At one time Dave Hunt was Speaker of the House with a huge Democrat majority. He used that power not just to raise lots of taxes but also punish people who disagreed with him. Republicans were shut out during Hunt’s rule and even the media began to notice. Dave Hunt tried to manipulate ballot titles to stop ballot measures he didn’t like (until he was rebuked). At one time Dave Hunt tried to pass a bill which made it more difficult for the Independent party to use their own name. Fellow Democrat lawmaker felt his misuse of power and later voted him out of his leadership position. The sad career of Dave Hunt includes being bounced from his Speakership, bounced from Democrat leader by his own members and now rejected by voters in a colossal flop for Clackamas County Commissioner.

John Ludlow 16,707 28%
Charlotte Leha 16,056 27%
Paul Savas 14,367 24%
Dave Hunt 11,899 20%