Lars Larson on Palin and Biden

Why doesn’t the mainstream media hold Joe Biden to as tough a test as Sarah Palin?

I don’t think the mainstream media are Joe Biden to the test as hard as they are Governor Sarah Palin from Alaska. Let me give you a couple of examples. To my knowledge, Governor Palin has never embellished a story. Yet, take a look at what Joe Biden has done.

Twenty years ago he ran for president and got into all kinds of trouble because he told a story that he had lifted, plagiarized, out of somebody else’s speech.

Then more recently, we find out that he’s telling stories about going to Afghanistan. How his helicopter was forced down on the superhighway of terror. He doesn’t mention the fact that it was just snow that forced him down.

Then, he makes a stupid gaff about President FDR in 1929 standing up in television. Well, FCR wasn’t president in ’29 and there weren’t any televisions in the homes of Americans. Yet, somehow, the mainstream media gives him a complete pass.

Can you imagine what they’d say if Governor Palin had talked about FDR on TV in 1929?

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