Oregon the key swing state in the presidential election?

by NW Spotlight

Oregon’s own Derrick Kitts, a Republican former state representative from Hillsboro, has an analysis in the Huffington Post that predicts that Oregon will be the key swing state in this November’s presidential election. Kitts writes “‘Oregon, Oregon, Oregon.’ Yes, you read that right… Oregon. Tim Russert famously boiled the 2000 presidential contest between George W. Bush and Al Gore to “Florida, Florida, Florida” but believe it or not, 2012 is shaping up to be all about the Beaver State.”

Kitts goes on to say that the matchup between Knute Buehler and Kate Brown for Secretary of State is the one to watch, noting that “Brown has had her share of political controversies, painting her as a partisan warrior in an increasingly independent-minded state.”

Kitts also talks about the race for State Labor Commissioner, noting that Republican Bruce Starr is leading Democrat Brad Avakian in two current polls.

Kitts closes out his analysis “With such innocuous races for the Oregon legislature and an under the radar non-partisan race for statewide office, Oregon is the sleeper state up for grabs in 2012. The president’s numbers are below 50% in a state he won by 17% in 2008. For these reasons, Oregon will prove to be the decider of the 2012 presidential election.”