Iowa Ron Paul supporter candidate an embarrassment to GOP

by Republican Security Council

It is almost always a bad idea to nominate Ron Paul Republicans. We will say what few other GOP organizations will admit, the Paulbots are nuts!

Today’s example is Randi Shannon who was [this year’s] GOP nominee against State Sen. Liz Mathias (D-IA).

Mathias won a closely contested special election last year and her victory kept the [Iowa] Senate in Democratic hands.

Shannon has just resigned [as the Republican state senate candidate] and declared herself seceded from the United States. Similar to Dr. Paul, she believes Abraham Lincoln was one of our worst presidents.

Shannon thanked her fellow Ron Paul supporters in announcing she’s left the race to become a U.S. Senator with the “original government.” That is correct; she is calling herself a U.S. Senator with a fictitious government.

Practically all Republicans defend the Constitution, are against big government, and we want serious deficit reduction. The Ron Paul Revolution supports those goals, but a major problem is that many of its members, such as Randi Shannon, are extremists and a complete embarrassment to the conservative cause. She is now being replaced as the GOP nominee.

NOTE (7/16 10:30 PM): It looks like the Ron Paul supporting Liberty Iowa PAC has already taken down their endorsement of Randi Shannon, but it’s still available in Google cache.

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