New GOP video: This is Our America

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has released a new video, This is Our America. “The 2012 election is only weeks away and the stakes have never been higher. The American dream is threatened like never before, and it is critically important that Americans stand up this November and make their voices heard.”

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Good ad as far as fluff ads rather than informative or attack ads go. I think there is a place for this and it was a key part of Reagans first term victory which is the closest parallel to this election in terms of issues.

    The economy is awful and there isn’t a lot of hope Obama has much of a plan to turn things around any time soon. That much is a given in the American public’s mind. The question is – is it better to stick with Obama or try something new in Romney?

    A big part of getting people to try something new is in making that new choice seem like a hopeful new direction, to inspire them. This ad does it reasonably well and also, subtly, will draw a contrast with Obama, since he can’t offer any new vision, only stay the course.

    Well it work? Who knows, but frankly I think this weeks events are really taxing peoples patience with Obama.

    • DavidAppell

      Employment in the private sector has increased by 3.76 M since 7/09, and 4.63 M since 2/10. It’s clear Obama has already started to turn things around.

  • Bob Clark

    It takes incredible circumstances to defeat an incumbent president, even dismal performing Obama. Isn’t it ironic one of the reasons cited for voting Obama in ’08 was because George Bush had made the world unfriendly towards America. How’s this working out? Not very good. Weakness only makes the unfriendlies more daring.
    Polling sure doesn’t look as good as we might hope for defeating the dismal Obama. I think will still live, though. Maybe Obama will find some spine. This current era is reminscint of what I read of history for the 1930s and 40s, where after a great financial meltdown, the country went and stuck with the very left leaning FDR. FDR eventually came around to unleashing the U.S entrepreneurial spirit, but only when faced with a huge monster war threat. I wish we would stop the war before it gets started by going “Peace through Strength,” baby! Of course, this means higher tax sacrificies, only if we could trust the likes of Obama and current day Dems to actually not just shuffle the money to their campaign contributors (for funding their re-elections). Now, that’s too big a leap in chump-like faith.

    • DavidAppell

      Exactly which politician, of either party, do you think doesn’t shuffle money to their campaign contributors? Names? Corruption is rife in US politics, now moreso than ever.

      PS: Can we get the notes from the Dick Cheney Energy Task Force yet?

  • valley person

    Immigrants, images of MLK, people of color, actual working people earning wages….looks like a DNC commercial to me.Nice work, but wrong party. You should have had old white guys yelling at chairs and rich people laying working people off, then you might have captured your own party. Or what is left of it.

    • Judahlevi

      Liberals/Democrats like valley person can never make a comment without citing someone’s skin color. Why is that?

      • valley person

        Well, why is it Republicans feel the need to insert people with some melanin in their skin into their propaganda, when their party clearly doesn’t have very many of these people in it? Are we supposed to not notice this discrepancy?

        • Judahlevi

          Yes, a true color-blind person (read non-racist) would not notice the “discrepancy” because they would know that skin color does not mean anything. Only a racist defines people by their skin color.

          • valley person

            The Republican Party did not randomly pick people out of the phone book to be portrayed in that ad. It was trying to send a message that it is inclusive, and did so by including MLK and people with dark skin. Noticing this isn’t racist. Its simply being awake.

  • voterid

    The so called “reviews” on this ad clearly miss the content…when are people going to wake up?…when the radical Mu$lims burn down this country?..if you don’t think it will happen remember 911!
    Instead of watching the biased media, who obviously wants you to believe their propaganda and lies, isn’t it time that some due diligence is required on the part of many Americans to stand up and not be trampled by a corrupt government and a biased media that won’t even report on the crisis of the Mu$lim countries? or bother to tell you the truth?
    .. no, they would rather choose a petty and lying excuse to blame the violence and destruction on a “film”…does the media tell you the maker of the film is a government informant?.Doesn’t anyone wonder if the government had a hand in making of the film?.does the media ask the hard questions of Obama?…no..they have coddled him, protected him, and lied to the people stupid enough to believe them…all the while the USA has lost another credit rating by another bureau to AA- on Friday, the US is now rated 7th in the world from 1st place in leading the world…the world is burning and Obama is fund raising…this man makes Jimmy Carter look like a saint!
    How could people become so brainwashed and incompetent to believe that this administration actually cares about this country?..