Lars Larson: Stop blaming Libya murders on movie

by Lars Larson

I’ve just about had my fill of murders on the other side of the planet blamed on a movie in America.

That’s right, the President and his Secretary of State have, multiple times this week, blamed the murders of American citizens in Libya, a US Ambassador and his security crew, on a movie in America.

I’ve got some other theories.

Maybe it’s because the President’s been taking a victory lap over the killing of Bin Laden. Maybe it’s because we whacked the number two al Qaeda guy. Maybe it’s because we have terrorists scheduled for trial in Gitmo.

All of those make a whole lot more sense.

Oh, and by the way, the President says he’s concerned about security for embassies? The White House has already proposed that in the so-called sequestration cuts, in which billions and billions of dollars will be cut from the budget, that $129 million, a drop in the bucket, will be cut from embassy security.

If you’re proposing that Mr. President, how concerned can you be?

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