Lars Larson: Stop blaming Libya murders on movie

by Lars Larson

I’ve just about had my fill of murders on the other side of the planet blamed on a movie in America.

That’s right, the President and his Secretary of State have, multiple times this week, blamed the murders of American citizens in Libya, a US Ambassador and his security crew, on a movie in America.

I’ve got some other theories.

Maybe it’s because the President’s been taking a victory lap over the killing of Bin Laden. Maybe it’s because we whacked the number two al Qaeda guy. Maybe it’s because we have terrorists scheduled for trial in Gitmo.

All of those make a whole lot more sense.

Oh, and by the way, the President says he’s concerned about security for embassies? The White House has already proposed that in the so-called sequestration cuts, in which billions and billions of dollars will be cut from the budget, that $129 million, a drop in the bucket, will be cut from embassy security.

If you’re proposing that Mr. President, how concerned can you be?

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  • Judahlevi

    By blaming free speech, Obama does not have to take responsibility for not providing security for his ambassador. In fact, Obama doesn’t take responsibility for ANY problems, including our economy. Taking responsibility is one of the first signs of becoming an adult. We are still waiting on this president.

  • Oregonnaive

    Wow, I did not know that 129 mil was beiing dropped from the Embassy’s. I hope this is not true by your account Lars, as we have no web site to look at the you might lead us to learn or verification
    Anyway the blame game has gone far enough.Everyone stop blaming any one else for your place in life. I am not going to say anything about our State or Federal goverments have been.
    Many Women & Men have made something of themselves and enjoyed their lives with a lot of hard work. The above statement is a tremendous amount of population of the USA.
    If our citzens of the US A. , thinks that our goverment owes them a living by giving hand outs. Where are we going to be as a nation today or tommorrow.
    As for blaming a movie, you must be kidding…you know what I mean.

    • DavidAppell

      And does the massive bailout of Wall Street corporations show they think government owes them a living? Do farm subsidies and crop insurance show that farmers and Big Ag thinks the government should keep them in business no matter what? Do home mortgage interest deductions, that go mostly to the upper middle class? Health insurance subsidies for employers?

      If Bain Capital buys a company and dissolves it for profit, should the workers be protected from living on the street until they can find another job, or are they left to starve?

  • ardbeg

    The movie was just more fuel on a burning fire that we continue to ignite.

  • valley person

    Is Lars saying Obama:

    a) should not have gotten bin Laden or other al queda leaders
    b) should not be putting Gitmo prisoners on trial and/or
    c) should not be cutting government spending?

    Just asking.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    The absolute absurdity of Obama having story after story of him missing intelligence briefings, then the embassy events on 9/11 and then popping up with his blame the victim strategy is ridiculous.

    How much longer do we have to keep propping up this clod? I mean if Obama were a Republican, Wolf Blitzer would be openly laughing at the “blame it on the movie” line every time he reported it.

    I would look to the mainstream press to quickly bury this as there is no way to maintain the Obama administration is at all credible on this one. Its a disaster, Fast and Gurious part two. Look for an immediate moving on, we will be on Romneys 47% remark endlessly if nothing else better comes along as a diversion.

    • DavidAppell

      Under Obama:
      3.76 million private sector jobs since July 09.
      4.63 million since Feb 2010

      Shall we compare to Bush? (Either one.)