Corvallis gets Porker Award for Climate Showcase failure

Oregon Capitol Watch

Corvallis spends tax dollars to modify people’s behaviour teaching people to screw in green light bulbs and ride bikes

  • So far behind they’ll never catch up!
  • Unattainable goals within grant period
  • Not a proper role of government!

Corvallis spends EPA ‘Climate Showcase Communities’ grant for activities their resident’s can already do without government help.

SALEM-Oregon Capitol Watch Foundation’s Executive Director and former State Representative Jeff Kropf announced Petunia the Pork Detective’s latest recipient of the highly coveted ‘Porker Award’ to the city of Corvallis for the ‘Climate Showcase’ grant failure.

In early 2001, the EPA awarded Corvallis a three year grant to teach their residents and businesses how to reduce energy use and carbon emissions using a program called ‘Energize Corvallis’. Unfortunately, after a year and a half of spending tax dollars the program is so far behind in reaching it’s goals, it appears to be another taxpayer funded ‘green’ failure.

“How many more government funded ‘green’ programs have to fail before the taxpayers demand this type of wasteful spending stops” asked Kropf. “They’ve spent 40% of their tax dollars and they have reached only one tenth of one percent of their main goal”.

According to the city’s latest report to the EPA, they have reduced CO2 by an estimated 22.95 tons, when their main goal over the three years is an 18,000 ton reduction, for a success rate of .001%. Equally disturbing, is the .002% success rate in their effort to reduce electrical consumption (kWh) as they have achieved only a 9,640 kWh reduction towards their 3,800,000 kWh goal. The city’s official grant application states they intend to accomplish these goals by “through resident’s behavior changes”.

“It’s not government’s role to use tax dollars to fund a program whose goal is to change people’s behavior” said Kropf. “I mean really, you’d think the highly educated and environmentally aware citizens of Corvallis could figure out to screw in green light bulbs and ride bicycles without government help”


Oregon Capitol Watch Foundation is a non profit, tax deductible educational foundation dedicated to educating citizens about how government spends their tax dollars and offering common sense ideas for improved government efficiency.

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  • Judahlevi

    The government needs to quit borrowing money to try to change people’s behavior. It should not be in the behavior business at all other than to stop criminal behavior. We don’t need thought police, environmental police, speech police, or any other politically correct government enforcement. Only liberals believe that the government should try to control your personal behavior.

    • DavidAppell

      What we need is an end to the socialism of waste: from each according to their smokestack, to each according to their lungs.

      Once fossil fuels are priced at their true cost, not that were profits are privatized but damage is borne by the public, renewable energy will prevail. (Simply put, it’s cheaper.)

      • Judahlevi

        David, I thought you were going to give me the definition of “backclapping.” Where is it?

        • DavidAppell

          Where is your proof that the filmmaker was arrested for his anti-Muslim film?

    • Unless..

      Unless of course they are gay, then the government wants to play behavior police.

  • mike

    There is absolutely no way I could have figured any of this out without help from the government. I, for one, am glad to have it.

  • Ballistic45

    Governments role was NEVER Behavior Modification.. It was PROTECTION of Citizens from Foreign and Domestic attack and invasion.. Where is Oregon Government on the Foreign Invasion going on in illegal immigration Costing Oregon Taxpayers Billions? Who is protecting Oregon Jobs for Oregon legal Citizens? Who is cutting Government Cost to taxpayers of Social Services, Incarceration, Law Enforcement, Infrastructure damages, schooling brought on by an army of occupying illegal aliens in Oregon?

    This Eco-Freak fascination with going Green is RIDICULOUS, and a waste of Taxpayer funds… It is a Ploy to garner Taxpayer funds and most often prove a Very Poor Investment… If you REALLY want to go Green then go back in time to the 30s and 40s and Cost Nothing the taxpayer and actually will cut cost to taxpayers and consumers..
    1. Use cloth Diapers, wash and reuse, quit buying Tons of plastic and filler to be used once..
    2. Have only 1 television in your home. Get outside and exercise..
    3. Get rid of the gas or electric lawn mower and get a PUSH mower,gets the job done just fine and gives excercise.
    4. Demand glass bottles for Milk and Juices so they can be returned and reused.
    5. Get rid of all the food processors in the kitchen, use human powered processors..
    6. Get rid of escalators cutting electric cost, walk up stairs…
    7. Quit buying bottled water, buy a home filter and reuse you own canteen.
    8. Quit jumping into your car to drive 10 blocks, walk…
    9. Throw all those electric games out of your house, send the kids out doors to play with REAL friends..
    10. And you parents, walk next door, and the next door and the next and next.. Get to know your neighbors and the immediate community around you, join with them to help with up keep and repairs on less fortunate neighbors homes and property..
    These are just 10 suggestions for cleaning up our environment, cutting energy cost and improving health that cost taxpayers NOTHING… and will cut your own cost of living… Let Government do the protecting while you go about your business…

    • DavidAppell

      The Preamble to the Constitution says its purpose is to “…establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity….”

      Regulating private actions in order to protect private and public property obviously falls in this realm.

      • Ballistic45

        First off, The purpose of the Constitution IS to rein in the Powers of Government over the Governed NOT the other way around. All what you say is true, but if you look closer you will find within the SAME Constitution that the goals you mention are achieved by limiting Government, example, establish Justice- Limits are placed on Government,not the people. That is how justice is gained is by limiting abuse by Government.. All of the individual RIGHTS listed are to assure the goals in the Preamble are met.. And if issues are not governed by the Constitution they are left to the STATES….

        • DavidAppell

          Wrong — the purpose of the Constitution is stated in its Preamble, and it is very different from what you claim. Please read it again.

          In fact, one of its greatest purposes is to prevent the denial of liberty, which pollution clearly is. No one has the right to harm the private property of others — this is the very essence of liberty, and it’s been a founding principle of the United States since its inception.

          Otherwise, can I dump my garbage, for free, in your front yard? It would save me a great deal of money….

          • Ballistic45

            NO, the purpose is to stop the denial of Liberty by Government in defined ways.. I have liberty as long as I don’t deny you or anyone else theirs… My right to private property and the enjoyment thereof gives ME the right to stop your dumping within the law of my ownership of it.. Government upholds that right of property.. Let’s take the demand “by Government” that everyone can no longer use incandescent light bulbs and are forced to use the new CFL bulbs.. This mandate was the lefts answer to Environmental concerns and cost jobs here in the United States and forces our consumers to buy from CFL plants in China.. Where in the Constitution is Government got the right to force what products we have to buy? And if Leftist are so concerned about the environment why would they switch to bulbs that if broken fit the definition of needing a Hazmat Clean-up? There is enough mercury in just one fluorescent light bulb to contaminate 6,000 gallons of water! So who is forcing the dumping of Hazardous Material in my Home?

          • DavidAppell

            The Constitution is clear on its meaning; you don’t get to reinterpret that.

            Climate change *does* deny liberty — emissions from fossil fuels harm private property. Why shouldn’t those who are damaged be protected?

            Emissions from coal burning contain mercury, and damage private property. Why aren’t you concerned about that damage, and only CFLs? CFLs, at least, can be properly disposed of….

          • Ballistic45

            So does RAIN, SNOW, ICE, WIND, HEAT, all deny or limit Liberty, All damage propery. You going to regulate the causes of them all? The biggest threat to private property in fossil fuels were LEAD additives which have been outlawed with GOOD scientific findings found in increased lead levels in soil samples and water sheds when no lead deposits were in the area except airborne..

            Climate change is an ongoing process that humans have just begun to track in our short time in Earth’s TOTAL History.. Earth is in an ongoing change, we don’t understand all the dynamics and to think we do is arrogant… This whole sky is falling man made eco-freak scenario is no different than all the rest of these dooms day predictions, ie, man made coming ice age, ozone holes will kill everyone with skin cancers, and the list goes on.. IT is very easy to claim anything you want then push for Socialistic Laws to Change behaviors. It is the “don’t let any crisis go UN-exploited whether real or made up” by Liberals.. And what really burns my ass is Liberals always push like hell to get the laws they want passed BEFORE REAL Scientist can disprove their claims.. NOT one such law have been voided when the reason for them has been disproved with Real science. No apologies from the left when their doomsday BS is exposed.. Like CFL’s , MTBE gas additive was pushed on California to cut smog and extend Mileage. Both Claims exposed, Mileage is less, and MTBE pollutes ground water, dangerous to man and beast, did anyone apologize? NO.. Have the law been reascended” NO, California is still paying exorbitant prices for MTBE laced fuel. It was this very same Liberal groups that shut down building Nuclear Power Plants in the United States for the Last 30 years, it was Liberals that claimed “Clean Coal Plants” were the way to go.. Now Liberals realize Nuclear plants designed by American Firms are in operation world wide without any incident, why because of the new designs that if they are not forced to operate they will shut down on their own, if everyone leaves the plant it shuts down.. NOW Liberals realize that Coal Fired Plants put out Radioactive materials in Radium and Thorium in the tons of ash piles they produce.. Funny thing is This Administration doesn’t even treat it as Nuclear Waste, They produce Readings that would NEVER be allowed on the grounds of a Nuclear Facility.. Any apology for building 100s of Coal fired plants? NO.. In short, Liberals have and are using Environmental so called “Crisis” to enact laws to control others which most often do NOTHING to actually address the issue.. And why is it that moving to alternative energy sources requires stopping the use of current sources BEFORE alternatives are ready to take over? We are not even close to going completely to Alternative energy, but we have been forced to pay exorbitant prices for current energy in fossil fuels from other countries… Why could we not use our own cheaper fossil fuels while transitioning? What, we can’t do that? This Nation can’t walk and rub its tummy at the same time? We can’t keep fossil fuel jobs until they are replaced by alternative fuel jobs?

          • DavidAppell

            You are ranting.

            Climate changes when forces cause it to change. The most important force right now is manmade carbon dioxide, which is up sharply in the last 150 years. The laws of physics require the planet to heat up when this gas is put into the atmosphere.

            This is proven science, settled now for decades. All the details of the changes to come aren’t known precisely, but climate is definitely changing as a result, and will continue to change.

            Then back to the main point: should those who cause this change pay for its damages?

          • Willie51

            This is proven science, settled now for decades.—-I love it when folks
            say that. It is right in there with “I am right so just shut up.” I
            really don’t think it is settled, go look at the website
   Things change, peoples effects are
            trivial. Nowhere in the founding documents is there anything giving the
            government control of light bulbs or what size car I drive. Saying
            someone is ranting, when they are not, again, just the cry to please
            shut up, I can’t stand your truth. I think -45 is doing a great job of
            pointing out some facts, you, not so much.

          • DavidAppell

   is paid-for propaganda, intended to confuse suckers like you.

            Learn some science. CO2’s interaction with infrared radiation was determined in the 19th century, and the first calculation to determine its effects on the planet’s temperature was done in 1896. This isn’t a shred of doubt among scientists that CO2 traps heat and warms a planet, or that man’s effect — a 40% increase — is far from trivial.

            And, yes, the government does have the right to regulate your activities if those activities harm the Commons or the welfare and private property of others — it’s done all the time, in a myriad of ways. Personal freedom will not end because you plug your television into an outlet powered by carbon-free energy sources instead of a climate-damaging one.

          • Ballistic45

            Where were you when the Conspiracy of so called Scientist skewing findings in order to support the Liberals blaming of a “Man Made Climate Change” was exposed.. Seems these same so called Scientist depend on Liberal funding to keep their jobs, not really the most conducive atmosphere for reliable science.. And as for Government having RIGHTS, where are those rights listed? Not the Constitution for it is a declaration from people escaping Abusive and totalitarian governments who purposely wrote a Constitution to LIMIT Government and Give PEOPLE rights over Government controls… And let us address you stupid statement, “Personal freedom will not end because you plug your television into an
            outlet powered by carbon-free energy sources instead of a
            climate-damaging one.” YES it does the way liberals are having us do it.. Liberals demand the cessation of use of available cheap energy for an undetermined length of time until there is a viable replacement alternative energy.. Because total cessation is impossible, Liberals just raise the cost of the current energy to drive down use and drive Cost of Living UP.. This does limit my personal freedom to travel where I want, how much I have left out of my Paycheck and my very choices of energy use… AGAIN my question to you is Why can’t we do both, keep cost down on current energy keeping and creating jobs while we prefect, build and switch over to alternative energy, PLEASE ANSWER this Question…Why can’t we do both, Christ we fought a two front world war, fed and armed our allies, sent a man to the moon, but we can’t be energy independent while we work toward alternative energy !!!!!

          • DavidAppell

            Again with the ranting…. No scientist has been caught “skewing” results. None, period. And the case for manmade warming does not depend on computer models, but on the study of past climates and satellite observations of this one. Clearly you don’t know the science.

            (Besides, you have a better way to estimate future climate? I didn’t think so.)

            Who, specifically, is curtailing your energy use until alternative energy arrives? CO2 doesn’t even have a price on it right now, though it should, because your use of it is damaging the private property of others.

            You rant about government, but will not accept responsibility for your own pollution. That’s not “freedom,” it’s pure greed. In the Northwest you already have access to some of the lowest electricity costs in the U.S. — renewable, by the way — and all you want is more, more, more.

            Take responsibility for yourself and your environment, and there will be no need for government regulation.

          • Ballistic45

            Well it is obvious that you have a permanent spot beside the tub of Obama’s bath water, Just Keep Drinking.. If it comes from the left it is gospel, it it comes from the right it is Propaganda, No scientist has been caught skewing global warming data? Go Google “scientist caught skewing global warming data” and you NEVER answered the question, how is Man raising the temperature of Mars? And like most all Liberals you never answered any question I ask of you because you can’t with any intelligence.. You just keep repeating your Liberal Environmental Mantra.. Repeating it does not make it so..
            You failed to address reasons for selling domestic fuel overseas, and why we should not use our own cheaper fossil fuel deposits using ONE national blend to cut cost, increase national security and increase jobs. Or why we cannot do the above and move toward alternative energy at the same time. Ah, what’s the use, your thinking is the very reason this country is in such shape.. Your answer to everything, like most Liberals, is to refuse to answer direct questions, shout down when confronted with facts or attack the messenger. I’m done with you, you have proven my point better than I could.. When you wipe all the BS away, it boils down to using any crisis real or made up to CONTROL others… That is the very Basis of Liberalism.. Bye, have a good life..

          • DavidAppell

            Google search prove nothing, except that a bunch of suckers like you will believe anything. Raise your standards.

            Also, please point me to data showing that Mars’ temperature is rising. You can’t.
            Nor is the Sun changing. The LASP data on solar irradiance shows nothing unusual besides the typical solar cycle:

            Oil is sold on the world market. Nationalizing it is the equivalent of socialism — is that really what you want? The oil companies, of course, would never stand for it — they want the most they can get for the oil they pump, and that means selling it globally.

          • Ballistic45

            Well I see you use websites when it upholds your view and condemn them as propaganda if they do not. So I will not bother answering any more of your questions as you have not answered any of mine.. Oh, by the way the Internet is a Library of information, to discount it so easily is telling of your attempt to stifle opposing information.. This is not a liberal College where liberal professors can determine what books are allowed in the College Library that may counter their Liberal Views.. Sorry, Keep your ball, I won’t play your game under your rules of deceit..
            Again you fit perfectly the description: Both Liberals and Muslims believe they can attack anyone, anywhere, anyhow, with anything they want while calling foul if they are attacked in return.. Have a good life…

          • DavidAppell

            The Web site I suggest (LASP) was actual scientific data. Does that really scare you?

            You won’t answer questions because you can’t — you have no answers for them.

          • Ballistic45

            Nope not at all…

          • DavidAppell

            Then examine the TSI data from LASP, and show me in what way it in increasing, as you claim.

          • DavidAppell

            You want a direct answer to one of your questions: your claim that we could have $1/gallon gas is bullshit.

            We will never again have that price, not when oil sells for $100/barrel. Get rid of all the blending requirements you want (which, by the way, are cleaning the air) — it will never happen, not with today’s global demand and a supply that may well have peaked.

            Gas prices haven’t even kept up with the rate of inflation. But that’s not good enough for crybabies like you — you want everything for free, the rest of the world be damned. Stop being so damn greedy.

          • Ballistic45

            “Climate changes when forces cause it to change”. Dah, the question is what forces are influencing any change and is the change cyclic and natural? And it not settled Scientifically, if it is man’s fault in his adding CO2 to our atmosphere, then WTF is causing the temp of Mars to rise in porportion with Earth’s temperature? How is man also causing Mars temperature to rise? NOW there is far more evidence that Sun Cycle has more to do with weather patterns.. If we could stop EVERY man made CO2 emission, one large volcanic eruption would UNDO everything we did.. Earth has no problem dealing with CO2, it has been doing so for millions of years before mankind was even here.. FLORA loves CO2.. As to your main point, the answer is NO, Pay for it how in cash, death penalty, and with what proof, your exhaled breath condemns you so how much do you owe. How much do we charge the rest of nature for their CO2 output, should farmers and pet owners be charged for their animals exhaled breaths. Where does you Liberal thinking draw a line? If you want to penalize someone or something, ya better start looking at the SUN…

          • DavidAppell

            Show me the science that Mars’ temperature is rising in proportion to Earth’s?

            Not some Google link (this isn’t 6th grade). Real science, real data.

            Exhaled breaths contributes no net CO2 to the atmosphere, since it comes from the food you eat, which contains CO2 taken in by plants. Learn a little science before embarrassing yourself further.

          • DavidAppell

            PS: Oil extracted from US sources is sold on the world market — it is not reserved for the US-only.

          • Ballistic45

            But you don’t know why, right? The United States is the ONLY Country demanding so many different blends of Gas and other vehicle and heating fuels, East Coast Blend, Central Blend, Pacific Blend, California Blend, and a host of other Specific regional Blends.. All driving up the cost of fuel… Good Business says keep cost down so you can undercut competition prices.. Where is that possible? Overseas because ONE BLEND sells EVERYWHERE outside the USA.. If you want to really cut our fuel cost, have ONE NATIONAL Blend, period.. Another good thing is our newly discovered deposits are Light crude costing around 16 dollars a barrel instead of 90 from countries that hate us.. So, if we expand our own federal drilling permits and went to a single blend, our gas prices could literally be about a buck a gallon, if Liberals would allow building new modern refineries somewhere besides the storm ridden Gulf Coast area we would not see spikes in cost every time weather shuts down or causes a fire in Gulf Coast Refineries..
            With these saving in Cost of Living, the middle class and poor would have more money to buy products creating even more jobs.. And we can still make moves to go to alternative energy and have a clientèle ready and able to afford the cost of switch over…

          • Ballistic45

            No one wants pollution….. The conflict is in how we move to reduce or eliminate it.. Liberals believe we have to curtail use of current energies by forcing OVER pricing in order to BEGIN the move to alternatives which drives living cost up and job loss…. Conservative believe we can do both, be energy independent using our own deposits at lowest cost to boost and grow jobs and our economy WHILE we move to viable alternatives.. The change over is NOT COMPLETE until consumers can afford the alternatives.. Electric cars are EXPENSIVE.. Hard to buy one if all your income is going to cost of living increases do to overpricing of current energy…

          • DavidAppell

            Get real – conservatives have absolutely no interest in alternative technologies, especially in funding its R&D. The free market would develop these technologies, if those who pollute were held liable for their damages to private and public property. But they aren’t — they socialize those costs, while keeping the profit.

            Government has a role in correcting this huge free market failure.

      • Ballistic45

        Why are you Liberals not yelling and screaming about a return to cloth diapers, which would benefit the World in many ways from manufacturing pollutants to disposal pollutants. Limiting the number of appliances like TVs in a home, forbidding the manufacturing of standby mode in appliances, a return to reusable glass bottles for beverages, using home water filters with personal canteens instead of store bought plastic bottled water.. All this would really cut pollution and energy use.. We know why you don’t and so do you…

        • DavidAppell


          Re: glass bottles — they are reusable, but require significantly more energy to transport and wash.

  • Bob Clark

    Green has become crony capitalism, where businesses including our main utilities prostrate themselves in pursuit of specious government monies (because its easier to make money off bought off politicians than the every day consumer who actually has to work hard for his/her money). I find this green advertising overload is nausceating.
    I have had it up to my eyeballs with the Green diatribes. I can see why the city of Portland does it, as it is the basis of Metro’s forcing population back into the city of Portland when otherwise people would freely locate in surrounding communities offering more space and tranquility. The city of Portland is Creepy Green (and mostly artificial at that).

    • DavidAppell

      So, Bob, you don’t think fossil fuel companies beat heavily on the doors of their legislators? That they don’t contribute heavily to campaigns, don’t lobby legislators, that deals aren’t going on behind closed doors?
      How naive are you, exactly?

      BTW, when can we finally get the minutes from the Cheney Energy Task Force?

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