Laurie Monnes Anderson voted to let violent criminals out of jail early

by NW Spotlight

Even left-leaning PolitiFact has verified that Sen. Laurie Monnes Anderson (D-Gresham) voted to let violent criminals out of jail early, when she voted for HB 3508 in 2009.

When HB 3508 passed, it led to untold re-suffering by victims and the families of victims who had to relive their nightmares when they faced returning to courtrooms for the early release hearings.

Suffering like the suffering caused to Janet Tremain when she had to plead with a judge to keep the man locked up who killed her daughter Kimberly in a hit-and-run. Suffering like Janyce Iturra, mother of murder victim Aaron Iturra. Janyce was notified that Mary Thompson, the mastermind of her son’s murder, was scheduled to receive an early release hearing. Janyce replied “I have been re-victimized, this time not by Mary Thompson, but by the Oregon Legislature.”