• Judahlevi

    Israeli Jews favor Romney over Obama by a 3:1 margin according to a poll taken recently in Israel. Arabs in Israel favor Obama by a 2:1 margin over Romney. It is clear that both Israeli Jews and Israeli Arabs understand where Obama stands when it comes to issues which affect Israel and our Middle Eastern policies.

    Jews living in Israel are on the front lines of the religious/ideological war between Islam and the West. No one is closer. For that reason, their perspective is much more real world than the sheltered view of most Americans and American Jews. It is safer to have a real world view than to view the world through rose-colored glasses.

    Every American Jew and Democrat should see this video. For an eighty year old woman to vote Republican for the first time in her life, it is important to understand the reasons for it.

    • DavidAppell

      Of course, many think that Israel stinks just as much as its neighbors, and that focusing exclusively on it to the detriment of all other people in the region is unhealthy, unjust, and unwise.

    • valley person

      Jews in America vote Democratic by about 2 to 1.

      • Judahlevi

        Not if Bryna Franklin had her way.

        • valley person

          Yes, perhaps. But she doesn’t get to tell other people how to vote. The fact is, most American Jews are liberals and vote democratic. And they do so for historic reasons of cultural experience, like African-Americans and now Hispanic Americans. They understand what it is like to be on the outs, and they recognize which party is the one that opens doors.

          • Judahlevi

            Speaking of history, it was the Republicans who freed the slaves, not the Democrats. We also fought against Jim Crow laws and pushed harder for civil rights laws than Democrats. When it comes to who “opens doors”, Republicans have a much better track record than Democrats.

            Democrats beat us in putting people on welfare and government dependency programs. They will always beat us on that score.

          • 3H

            Funny how much Republicans changed in 140 years. Maybe that’s the problem, they rest on their laurels and think it’s good enough.

          • valley person

            Lincoln was a long time ago. Republicans fought against Jim Crow laws? Maybe a few, but it was mainly disenfranchised southern blacks and a few northern liberals, many if not most of them Jews by the way, who were on the front lines against Jim crow, and some paid with their lives.

            Democrats put forward and passed the civil rights act and voting rights acts, with some help by northern Republican moderates, who have since become extinct. The Republican party made a deal with the devil, which is disaffected white racists in the south who used to vote Democratic. You reaped the electoral rewards from this for a while, but now you are paying the price.

            African Americans know who has stood with them, and it isn’t the Republican party.

          • Judahlevi

            That is such a crock of liberal revisionism. Republicans were never the racists – Democrats were. Yes, we believe in self sufficiency and not government handouts. but we were never racists. Your party formed the KKK, not ours.

            Your history is also wrong about civil rights legislation. Republicans always voted in larger majorities than Democrats even in the 1964 Civil Rights Act. But go ahead and live in your fantasy world if it makes you feel better. Denying reality works for some people.

            Go here for the real story: http://www.nbra.info

          • 3H

            So, as a good conservative Republican, Ronald Regan supported both the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965, yes?

          • 3H

            You seem mired in the past and unable to move to the present. Your examples are frequently over 100 years old… If you go back even further you’ll no doubt have to deal with the fact that many of our Founders were racists and own slaves. Do you think we should tear up the Constitution because it is tainted?

          • valley person

            The real story is that Goldwater, your 1964 candidate, and Reagan, your hero, were both against the civil rights and voters rights acts. In between them was Nixon, who developed the southern strategy to win the presidency based on racist white former Democrats of the south moving to the Republicans, which they did do and where they remain today.

            Parties change Judah. Mine and yours both changed, but in different directions.

          • 3H

            Also, fast forward to today… which party has the most members championing the repeal of the Voters Right Act?

          • Judahlevi

            Do you have an original thought in your head? The “Nixon strategy” has been debunked over and over again. I have heard that excuse a thousand times and it is not true. Only partisan leftists want to cling to it.

            As Shakespeare says, “The lady doth protest too much.”

            I would be ashamed too if my party was the party of the KKK, Jim Crow laws, lynchings, racism, and the pushing of government dependency programs. But trying to unload your history on our party will not work.

          • 3H

            It’s actually a stain on the entire nation. To pretend that Democrats were racists and Republicans weren’t is to reduce the issue to the absurd. To pretend that there weren’t differences between Northern Democrats and Southern Democrats is to be willfully blind.

          • 3H

            Perhaps you can help me with this.. since there are no such things as facts in politics, isn’t it just all a matter of opinion? So, you’re not saying that he’s factually wrong, correct?

    • ardbeg

      Every American Jew and Democrat (and republican) should see THIS video. Romney is no conservative. I know this is political talk from his opponents but it also absolutely true. I never would have thought conservatives would ever vote for this Batman villain (two-face). I get the feeling if the GOP nominated a dead horse it would still get 48% of the vote. It would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic. ROMNEY? REALLY? So called “Conservatives” have truly gone of a cliff!


  • While she’s at it, why doesn’t she change her registration to Republican? It was Republican values and leadership that made America the land of opportunity for everyone.

    • Judahlevi

      One step at a time is fine. She may eventually get there, but it takes time for the vision to clear.

      • DavidAppell

        Or, like Sandra Day O’Connor, she may think that Republicans are destroying the country.

        • guest

          @DA – what a rotten comment! You’re cordially invited to jack ohman on some venture into sparse!

          • DavidAppell

            I have no idea what your sentence means… but this is what Sandra Day O’Connor said, as quoted by Jeffrey Toubin.

          • guest

            @DA: O’Connor lost her ‘marbles’ in a “Bun Hole” mouth-match with DEMented Joe “Steelie” Biden.“`Jack d’Ohman, presumably sacked and packed for a trip to track Marshall Applewhite out somewhere in the Bilky Way.

  • ardbeg

    This poor woman, really? Mitt Romney? I don’t get it and probably never will. Romney? Really? Four years ago there was McCain, Huckabee, Paul, heck even Thompson I could have lived with……But Romney? The guy basically won by default this year as nobody but Paul and Huntsman were worth even looking at but they didn’t have the $$ to really do anything. I guess we now know how important money is in deciding elections! Gary Johnson can’t even get a look because he isn’t part of the two party monopoly. So what? Bat s__t crazy Bachman? Newt? Mr. 9-9-9? or Mr. “there are 3 things I’d cut from the Fed but can only remember two of them”. The scary part is this career presidential candidate might actually win. Score one for the uninformed voter! He will be no different, no better, no worse (well maybe) than Obama. I don’t care what lame arse the GOP puts on the ballot, I’ll vote for ’em! Way to carry forth the torch of democracy!

    • DavidAppell

      I wish this site’s owner would indulge us with a recounting of their opinions 6 or 8 or 10 months ago…. When Romney was soundly rejected for the likes of Gingrich or Santorum or Paul…. Can you imagine any of them running now??

      You have to feel sorry for Republicans — their only choice now is to vote for an obvious liar, a small, pandering man who stands for nothing, who has pandered so hard no one could possibly believe a word he says…. Should he be elected, no one on the right has any basis whatsover for complaint — liars do not change their tune, and do not suddenly start telling the truth.

      They are all now hoping for a liar to be elected, believing he will do whatever it was he said to get elected. And this is the best they could do… Sad; very sad….

      • valley person

        That about sums it up David. Conservatives are so desperate to get Obama out they are willing to support a guy who they know only pretends to be one of them, and who brazenly lies about every position he has.

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