Kate Brown breaks her $1 million pledge

by NW Spotlight

Kate Brown’s expenditures are officially over $1 million, breaking her campaign spending pledge.

Kate Brown spent over $1 million in her 2008 campaign because “Well, I needed the money,” but then cynically offered to limit campaign spending when her current challenger, Knute Buehler, was significantly out raising her. Because her offer was retroactive, the Oregonian noted that Kate Brown’s self-serving offer would have given her the option “of spending more than Buehler” for the remainder of the campaign.

Kate has now gone over $1 million in campaign spending, again, and that doesn’t even include the attack ads paid for by SEIU, OEA and Goldschmidt-enabler Win McCormack.

No wonder thirteen of Oregon’s major newspapers have endorsed Knute Buehler for Secretary of State.

Kate’s broken spending pledge:

“I think the overwhelming majority of Oregonians would agree that $1,000,00 is more than enough money for each of us to make the case for our election.” Kate Brown, letter to Knute Buehler, 7/26/12

“We think $1 million is plenty of money to spend in the Oregon Secretary of State race.” Kate Brown, The Oregonian, 7/26/12

“I thought, like a millions dollars was a lot of money for this particular race, while my opponent didn’t think so because he laughed at my proposal to do voluntary spending limits.” Kate Brown, KATU “Think Out Loud”, 9/30/12 (TIME: 5:58)

When pressed by KATU political reporter Patrick Preston on why she spent more than a million in 2008, she answered “Well, I needed the money.” (TIME: 7:30)

In a follow-up, when pressed on whether this was merely a strategic move, as the Oregonian editorial board said, Brown simply did not answer the question presented. (TIME: 7:40)

“Kate remains committed to limiting her campaign spending.” Jillian Schoene, Brown campaign spokeswoman, Willamette Week, 10/24/12