Beware: Soda tax, Gas tax, Beer tax, Tire tax, Late tax, Privilege Tax

dog-logo-stampBy Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The first releasing of bills in the 2013 Legislature reveals a flood of tax increases.   Here is the Taxpayer Association of Oregon tax watch list part 1.

Alcohol Taxes (HB 2515, SB 118)
Property Taxes (HJR 7, HJR 8, HJR 13,SJR 11, SB 313)
Soda Tax (HB 2331)
Expands Privilege Tax (HB 2455)
Tobacco Taxes – (HB 2481, HB 2514, SB 119, HB 2228, HB 2275)
Gas Taxes (HB 2276)
Studded Tire Tax (HB 2397)
Home Recording Fee Increase (HB 2417)
Car Mileage Tax (HB 2453)
Late filing Fee Increase (SB 252)
Extends Emergency communications tax – (HB 2035)
Established payroll tax for self-employed tax (HB 2126)
Backdoor Business tax Increase? (SB 305, HB 2456, and HB 2491)

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Note — Not every bill here may be a tax increase and/or mixed with tax reductions, more to be known as hearings and fiscal impact statements are released.