Lars Larson: Why isn’t Congress covered by Obamacare


by Lars Larson

So why isn’t Congress covered by Obamacare these days? I call it an exemption, but others do not.

Getting lost in the argument about Obamacare’s computer failures and web site malfunctions is the more critical question: Why is it that our government is exempt?

The Affordable Care Act was intended to include Congress. That intention was stated very clearly in the law.

Then President Obama decided that if he made the Congress subject to it, why, they might actually vote against the darn thing.

So he ordered the Office of Personnel Management to tell the members of the Congress and their staff that they could still get their generous 72% contribution and subsidy from the federal government.

That’s YOUR tax dollars being spent to make health insurance more affordable for members of Congress and their staff.

Technically, not an exemption, but only a difference that a lawyer would truly appreciate.

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