Lars Larson: Obamacare web site isn’t secure


by Lars Larson

So do you hand the Obamacare web site all your personal data and have it stolen by an identity thief or do you violate the law?

Beyond all the other reasons to hate Obamacare – rising premiums, denial of doctor’s care – here’s another concern for you. The government says you HAVE to sign up. You HAVE to comply with the law.

But now they admit that their own web site isn’t secure. And, in fact, testimony before the Congress shows, from Mike Rogers, member of Congress from Michigan, that it would take at least months to be able to thoroughly vet the security on this site – especially because the site wasn’t built right. It has all kinds of flaws and it’s being rewritten as we speak – which opens up more holes for the identify thieves and the hackers and the other scam artists to get through.

And the government says either sign up or violate the law, but if you sign up your data isn’t secure.

That’s an outrageous kind of proposition to put to the American people.

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