Lars Larson: Woman fooled by Obamacare


by Lars Larson

You want to know how bad Obamacare is? Just ask Jessica Sanford.

Jessica Sanford is a woman whose name was used by President Obama just last month.

The President stood there in the Rose Garden and bragged about how this lady had written him a letter from Washington state, talking about how happy she was to finally be covered for health insurance after 15 years without it – and how she got it through Obamacare.

The President detailed her story, but he didn’t tell nearly enough.

Because then Jessica Sanford got a letter that said Obamacare had made a mistake, and her cost was going to be higher.

It kept going higher and higher until it was almost three times as much money as she was originally offered – and it was too much. She was going to have to take a huge deductible and pay $324 a month for her and her son.

She’s still without insurance, but the President got to use her as a political prop.

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