Lars Larson: Woman fooled by Obamacare


by Lars Larson

You want to know how bad Obamacare is? Just ask Jessica Sanford.

Jessica Sanford is a woman whose name was used by President Obama just last month.

The President stood there in the Rose Garden and bragged about how this lady had written him a letter from Washington state, talking about how happy she was to finally be covered for health insurance after 15 years without it – and how she got it through Obamacare.

The President detailed her story, but he didn’t tell nearly enough.

Because then Jessica Sanford got a letter that said Obamacare had made a mistake, and her cost was going to be higher.

It kept going higher and higher until it was almost three times as much money as she was originally offered – and it was too much. She was going to have to take a huge deductible and pay $324 a month for her and her son.

She’s still without insurance, but the President got to use her as a political prop.

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  • DavidAppell

    Underinsured people cost everyone else money.
    Would Larson prefer to pay for their care, instead?
    PS: What’s the matter, OR conservatives? Larson’s post is 2 days old, and no comments here at all about what a loser liberals are, or the evil of Obama, or the tanking of the USA. You guys are slacking….

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      Appell’s lugnuts rattling in the hubcaps again.

  • ardbeg

    As usual Lars only tells you what he wants to and lies about the specifics. Her costs $280 a month not Lars Lies $324. And of course Lars Lies left out her comment “However, Sanford said she blames the state for her problems, not the White House, adding that she still supports the law.” because it didn’t fit his narrative.

    Read more:

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      lardberg, your first sentence befits you to a left wing tease. Now go back to your likker cabinet, tap s’more and then go take a napkin along with your ‘droll.’

      • Argh!

        Further commentary…dude is a prelude to more scat’s a happening.

        • Argh

          That’s ardbeg for moist of his snorters slipping and sliding down his posts..